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Women’s Little Christmas: The return of the Hunks of Desire to Limerick

Women’s Little Christmas – Male Strippers on Stage

The Hunks of Desire Show 

But who would have thought of women hiring strippers to celebrate Christmas. Well, FYI ladies and gents, the Celtic tribes whose genetic strains are well visible throughout Ireland, definitely did. It made perfect sense that, in the depths of the winter there was a special day for the eternal feminine energy. Women’s Little Christmas did not have that name yet. Nevertheless on the first week of January, women had a major celebration to welcome the forthcoming spring.

As the Celts were lovers of nature and generally lovers, such celebrations were not tame. Also Saxons and even ancient Greeks had a bit of a party on the 6th of January. Also known as the 12th Night or Wassailing Day it was the day that our ancient folk cleared away the mess from the  Yule Celebrations. Yep, Christmas. Nowadays it is a night of merrymaking for the ladies, while the men stayed at home and took care of the home.

Make no mistake, once Christianity took over, the sexy ladies of Ireland did not give up their little feast. Hence, Women\’s Little Christmas remained a formidable celebration for the female population of the West Coast of Ireland. The 6th of January marks the day that the ladies of Munster primarily, go all out. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense. After the Christmas period, and the madness of shopping for presents and taking the little ones to see Santa, they deserve a night of their own.

Cork to Limerick with the Hunks on Tour

Cork leads the way with most pubs and clubs organizing Ladies only events, but Limerick and Kerry don’t fall far behind. The Male Strippers part was always there. If the ladies headed to a club after their Women’s Little Christmas event, the fellas would be a minority. So window shopping was always on the to do list. With Male strippers Women’s Little Christmas becomes just a bit more fun.

The goal of a Ladies’ Night out is to have as much fan as possible. It is not a opportunity for romantic adventures. The ladies will stick together like a pack of wolverines. If one of them is looking for some late night chit chat with a fancy free and footloose Prince Charming the rest of the pack will resist. You see she could do that on any other night of the week. But during a night such as Women’s Little Christmas, keeping the craic alive is the most important task.

Which brings us to the best bit of the night …. The Male Strippers.

Ladies’ Nights and Male Strip Shows

A Male Strip Show or a Full Monty Show is like any other stage show. There is a queue outside the box office and outside the toilets. It is worth saying that the Gent\’s toilet is free for the taking. More often than not the Gents sign on the toilet door is ignored. There is dancing on the seats. OK, in most cases the seats are missing. There is amazing energy about the show. And yes it is a Full Monty affair.

Got the Full Monty ?

The Full Monty, as a movie is considered the most successful British movie of all times. As a consequence, most male strip shows will take the Full Monty badge of honor to state some type of quality seal. Not all male strip shows need to be Full Monty Shows  though. After the Magic Mike phenomenon the Magic Mike Shows started popping up. More dance routines, more sensual lap dances, hot seats and hot men. But no Full Monty.

Strip Shows for Women\’s Little Christmas combine a bit of both. Laughter and jokes are important, but a strip show is not a comedy show. Even thought a stand up comedian as an MC does make the things more interesting. At the end of the day the pagan tradition of handsome men dancing in honor of women has to be kept alive. So a Full Monty show is the best as it get the crowd roaring the temperatures rising.

Return of the Hunks

The Hunks of Desire will return to Limerick to show off their skills and make things a bit more interesting. This is a fully Choreographed show that will blow your hats off. That is if you ladies choose to wear hats on the show. The show itself is based on a 4 men …well 4 very handsome men, performing intricate dance routines. There is going to be cheering, embarrassment and the stage manager will be chasing the ladies that will want to keep the Hunks\’ trunks as a souvenir. Most of all there will be dancing. An after party is guaranteed to get the ladies up close and personal with the Hunks of Desire.

Ladies, Pay Attention!

The Hunks of Desire Show

Women’s Little Christmas Eve

Saturday 5th of January

Live at Dolan’s Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

Doors @8pm . Live@9pm

Tickets €15

So, What are you waiting for?

Get on to Dolan’s and book your tickets here


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