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Women’s Little Christmas – 10 Things to do on your ladies night out

Women’s Little Christmas – A Blessing from the Old Gods

Once upon a time in Ireland the Celts celebrated the feminine energy with a feast for the Ladies of the Land and their hearts. It was an obligatory feast that allowed women to have a massive party without the presence of their men. They would leave the house chores for their husbands and head to the fairy rings. There they would dance, drink mead and bless Mother Earth so that the spring would bring forth a good crop. The date was not stable, but it ranged from the 3rd to the 6th of January. It coincided with the end of The Yule Celebrations, and the beginning of the end of winter. Known as Nollaig na mBan in Irish, Women\’s Little Christmas is still a  very strong tradition in Limerick, Cork and Kerry.

Nowadays the tradition is more about the ladies relaxing after the Christmas Holidays rather than blessing the fertile land of the Emerald Isle.

Top Ten things to do on a Ladies Night out in Limerick or Cork ?

Find a baby sitter

Since all the ladies in a family decide to take the night off at the same time things get a bit hairy. Obviously an army of screaming children would be too much for any brave man.

Hairdressers’ Appointment

While usually a simple enough task, it can become a nightmare when half the female population of a town is looking to get stylish at the same time. This is a time when all the hairdressers work overtime.

Waxing and Nail Salons

As you can imagine, the ladies will need the Full Monty before they parade in front of the whole town in droves. Ladies dress up for themselves first and foremost. So it is a must to have those bit sorted before they hit the town.

Women’s Little Christmas and business networking

Women\’s Little Christmas offers an ideal setup for those aspiring young business women to network. Over a sip of bubbly, or well balanced cocktail, they can meet prospective business partners and future customers.

The Big Women’s Little Christmas Dinner

Restaurants in Cork and Limerick have a special menu for this special day. Traditionally, goose is the Main Dish of the day. But the main concern of the restaurants is the space. Groups of as many as 30 ladies will want to sit together and chit-chat.

House Parties

Nothing like a house party in Limerick or Cork. Such a night offers a great opportunity for all the ladies of the family to get together and discuss the shenanigans of the Christmas period. They will raise eyebrows, and crack laughs. No men allowed.

Hen Party in Limerick on Women’s Little Christmas

Nothing better than combining a Ladies Only event with the Hen Party of your best girl. It is ideal if you wan to avoid the pesky stags in town. As most places will be holding Ladies’ Only events, a stress free hen night is on the cards. And don’t forget to book a Male Strip Show if there is one in your town.

Office Christmas Parties – Ladies’ Night Out

There are come industries where the Ladies make up the majority of the workforce. The clothes shops, the restaurants, the hairdresser and nail salons. All these businesses have been working overtime to meet the demands of their clientele during the Christmas period. Now these ladies deserve a break.

Male Strip Shows for Women’s Little Christmas

No Women\’s Little Christmas Celebration is complete without a Full Monty Show. Thus Ladies storm such shows to go wild and make the best of their night out. There is no need for the husbands and boyfriends to be jealous. Male Strip Shows make the fantasies better and that could be in their advantage.  If you combine a Male Strip Show in Limerick or Cork with a top venue ( such as Dolan’s in Limerick) then you are on a winning streak.

Ladies Night Clubbing

And by that we don\’t mean that you club the hell out of some poor fella that got in by mistake in a Male Strip Show. The Dance floors of the night clubs in Limerick and Cork will light up with the ethereal presences of the Ladies of Munster. Give it up for the Big all female boogie.

Oh…just before we forget. The Hunks of Desire are having their Women\’s Little Christmas Annual Show on the 5th of January 2019.

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