Strippers Wexford 14 oct

Wexford Strippers, Strawberries and skinny dipping

Wexford Strippers make strawberries blush

Wexford is famous for being the friendliest county in Ireland. Also the Wexford Strippers are also some of the friendliest ladies around. AS long as the Stags in Wexford know how to handle their drink and  behave themselves. Wexford is one of the new up and coming Stag Night Locations in Ireland. If you are looking for Stag Party ideas in Ireland, look no further. Wexford is at your doorstep. Just a two hour drive from Dublin, Stag Companies will always propose to the party lads a trip down the sunny side of Ireland.

Going back to Strawberries. Wexford Strippers and strawberries are an unbeatable combination. There is something that hits the sensual spot when we see a gorgeous lady eating a strawberry. For some fellas that memory does remain imprinted on their memory. Actually, some stags will try and recreate those scenes with their better half. Which means they will buy a few punnets of strawberries on the way back from Wexford.

There a couple of problems with that wise move. The strawberries will be finish by the time the stags arrive at their destination. The wife/girlfriend will not be too happy with the state of you. So, when you arrive at  your doorstep, with or without strawberries, the last thing on their mind is a sensual get together.

Stag Parties in Wexford

Whether you are staying in the luxurious Riverside Hotel or in one of the postcard perfect B&Bs, Wexford is the town for civilised drinking. Let\’s face it. The quaint streets, the cobble stone alleyways and the Tidy Town signs all over town, do not welcome a rampage. On your Wexford Stag Night, make sure that you get permission before you get a couple of Wexford Strippers to pay you a visit. As far as watering holes, try Maggie May\’s Bar, Thomas Moore Tavern and the Sky and the Ground. The Wexford Hotels done bars with beautiful interiors from a by gone area. So you can pretend you are part of landed gentry even if you are in negative equity. Wexford Strippers will adorn your night with their discreet entry and the not so discreet performances.

Kilmore Quay and Saltee Island

Kilmore Quay is a small fishing village that offers great hospitality and mighty Irish craic in the few country pubs. Even though a small place it is a major tourist attraction due to its  Marina. Most Yachts and sailing boats from France and Spain will use it as their first docking point in Ireland. If your stag is into water sports, you can have a go at braving the Irish Sea.

The beaches of Wexford offer magnificent views and a ton of adrenaline rushes. Indeed, surfing, swimming or simply a BBQ by the waves.  You might even consider camping. Our Wexford Strippers are no strangers to the Camping site performances. If nature is your thing, then a 25 min trip on the ferry will take you to the Saltee Island. While the island can be seen within one hour, you could bring a few cans and the party will involve a lot of birds. Well, not those birds. The island is home to colonies of many endangered species. Then you can head back to the civilistation where Wexford Strippers and a few cold ones will be waiting patiently for you.

For activities then don’t involve drinking visit Tripadvisor. For Strippers in Wexford….. call us now at +353 86 200 2000


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