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The Hunks of Desire : All you need to know before their show

The Hunks of Desire: Male Strip Show Fast and Furious

If you asked anybody up to 15 years ago about a Male Strip Show in Ireland they would smile. Mainly because with performances from the Men of Arann  and others, the scene reminded a bit the Village People. Not that there is something wrong with the Village People. But there is a major difference between any sensual male dancing act and a Male Strip Show. The word strip makes everything more complicated. Because in the case of Male Dancing Acts the choreography is the focus. But they keep their clothes on. Now if you try to combine the choreography and loose a part of the outfit every 30 seconds you simply have more things to do on stage. The stripping itself is an act. It is a part of the show as much as everything else. So when the Hunks of Desire hit the Irish Scene they were a major breakthrough in evolution of the the Male stripping scene in Ireland.

The Hunks of Desire aka ‘Ireland’s hottest beef

The Hunks of Desire follow the true tradition of male stripping. They combine choreography and striptease. This is an Irish Male Stripper Affair with all the guys working and living in Ireland. The troupe has an international composition but a definite Irish style. Well that explains why they are sometimes late on stage one would say. So what makes the Hunks of Desire tick.

Here is what you need to know about the Hunks of Desire.

How many dancers in the troupe?

The latest line up includes the Latin Batman and Robin as Angelo and AJ, the Cheeky Irish Army Boy Stephen and two very talented PTs Mario and Paul. While there are always guest appearances these dancers are the heart of the Hunks of Desire. Each has special talents and signature routines. You will enjoy AJ as an Latin Salsa dancer and Stephen as Magic Mike. And all of them as brave Firemen on duty.

Full Monty? How? When? Where?

Every time, every show. The Hunks of Desire will proudly perform their Full Monty routine for their audiences without exception. Their stage philosophy is simple. Give your Full Attention. And there is a ‘Full’ in every Full Monty.

Favorite Tunes

Classics like \’Hot Stuff\’ and \’Pony\’ are always on the menu. But the \’hottest beef\’ is also served Latino Style with salsa and reggaeton. Take a pair of dancing shoes as the Hunks like an audience that is jumping and clapping. The former is obligatory, the latter only if you feel like it.

Hot Seat Invitations

Some Male Strippers in Ireland like to arrange that in advance. The Hunks like inviting the Ladies to the stage. Be afraid…be very afraid. The hot seat is welcoming but make sure you eat light and drink moderately. You will find yourself at some stage on the shoulders of one of our hunks. It is a turbo boosted lap dance with a sparkle.

Next Male Strip Show

The next Male Strip Show is happening in Limerick on the 5th of January 2019. This is a special event on the Eve of Women\’s Little Christmas. Doors open at 8 pm. Fee €15 .There is an after party for the ladies that book early. And the Hunks of Desire will party with you 🙂

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