Swords Lady Strippers : Northside Exotic Creatures

Swords Lady Strippers: Terminal One or Two or Three Strippers Show

Swords:  A 10 min drive and the party bus full of basket cases  dragging an unlucky stag will leave Dublin Airport for a place where beer is cheaper and the Swords Lady strippers fill the seas of sexuality. But not before some  fun and games in the North Side. Our strictly confidential Swords Lady strippers will make the magic happen in the dim lit privacy of The Wrights Venue. And a few cold ones in the Cock Tavern ( it’s a real place) for afters. Our female strippers can be the bootylicious dream of a sunny day ice-cream. Kissograms tender as a granny’s hug or a face massage from a perfect butt.  Your pick.

For the touring stags arriving in Dublin here is the perfect package: a limo and a female stripper to make the ride to your destination a tale for a Saturday night out with the lads.

Our Swords Lady Strippers have the moves of a Cinderella but will give you a look that horny second cousins deliver in weddings.

Jokes apart…call our Swords Lady strippers . Keep your phones on silent just in case the lads take notice of it.


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