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Weekend Strippers in Ireland vs Erotic Dancers

Part-time strippers vs Pros: Who shakes it best?

Striptease in Ireland is not exactly a career choice offered in a university programme. Having said that it is connected to the academic progress of many a student. Ireland and, specifically, Dublin with sky-rocketing prices and university fees provide a spectacular habitat for strippers that want to be part of the spectacle. As any other industry this genre of showbiz has it\’s full-time warriors and part-time jokers. Sometimes it does have its full-time army of clowns too.

Let us explain. Full-time strippers come from a dancing background. They are primarily dancers and they become erotic dancers either because striptease their favorite time of performance or simply because it pays well. The looks are not necessarily  important but the style definitely is. Your average part-time stripper will be offered a place on the stage based on her natural assets. Indeed, very few strip club owners would refuse such a young lady the opportunity to showcase her talents in the form of curves, battering eyelashes and perfectly shaved armpits. The professional progress of such a novice depends entirely on gym hours, pole hours and dancing lessons. Once a progress is steady and the stage heavy with ten euro banknotes her commitment to the industry will transform her into the erotic dancer that she wants to become. Or not.

Simply a part-time or a  weekend stripper can make the best of what’s already there, then graduate from Trinity College and payoff the random strangers that have her naked pics with her PhD wages. So, how do you recognise such a fine exemplar?

The thong does a better job than the base

The weekend stripper will wear the most revealing underpants that she could find in the Ann Summers catalog or on the special discount rail at Penneys. As she keeps dancing to the minimum, professional dancer underwear is not necessary.

Lap dance vs pole dance

A weekend stripper loves her lap dances. An erotic dancer knows how to excite the sensual world of humans by climbing gracefully up a slippery pole. A weekend stripper on the other hand knows how to grind.  It is that simple backward and forward routine that will guarantee her the repeat custom of frustrated and spotty twenty-year-olds. As a form of art lapdances score very low on the striptease scale. Sadly, weekend strippers in Ireland fail to notice the long-term effects of such “less demanding” routines. Professional strippers in Ireland share their stage and lap dancing time  very wisely; as their skills on stage reach perfection most of them would leave the lap dances to the novices. Continuous body contact with a client does take its toll.

Dancers vs Students

Since striping combines the skills of a show woman and a sales expert, it is a great experience that teaches the new dancers a lot about business and life. You learn to make fast decisions and get rid of the inhibitions that limit your sales. Professional dancers have perfected these skills through the years. But newbies are not far behind. The only difference is that newbies, or part-time strippers will hustle to everybody. Pros know who to approach and how.

After Stripping What?

Actually there is this misconception that after stripping there is not much happening. Most people with a 9-5 job will think that after a stripping career the only jobs available are in a supermarket. But most people are usually wrong about a lot of things. Most professional strippers will continue to work as dancers. There are other paths such as bartender strippers, dance instructors, modelling agents and most importantly entrepreneurs. On the other hand part time strippers will need to decide if the erotic dancing scene is for them. In any case the experience and the confidence they will get from working in little clothing and being able to smile throughout the night is precious.

Stripper Agencies in Ireland

The scene in Ireland is a bit different. While there are strip clubs that pair success and quality, the stripper agencies dominate the market. Strippers in Ireland work with both. Stripper agencies are more demanding and have higher standards. Since in a strip club the choices are better, part-time strippers are better suited for a club environment. Simply, because if a client is not happy with a stripogram, there are another 10 or so performers that can set the record straight. On the other hand, a stripper agency will make sure to send a pro for the private dancing experience. This way they avoid complaints and keep the customers always happy.

The stripping industry in Ireland is changing. With an influx of international beauties and a lot of home grown talent entereing the scene, erotic dancing is bound to become one of the mainstream types of late night entertainment. The audience is getting more broad and gentlemen from different walks of life are looking for the sensual presence of strippers in Ireland.

Before we forget…. if you find a stripper that has not removed the label from her thong, you are dealing with an amateur.


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