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Strippers Ireland needs to party in 2019

Why strippers in Ireland offer the best party wisdom?

In the beginning there was Adam and Eve. And they was butt-naked. He asked her if she could put a fig leaf on. Then remove it slowly while he beat a drum made of coconuts. She decided that for that she had to become wiser first. So off she went to the Tree of Knowledge, delivered a top notch stripogram for her hubby and the zoo around …And you kinda know the rest. Strippers Ireland calls her wise children of the night, patrol the clubs and bars of the Irish soil every weekend. What makes Irish strippers so damn special? The looks and the tan are one thing. When it comes to Irish strippers a good tan is like tonic for the gin. You gotta have have that perfect tan if you want to be a stripper in Ireland or anywhere in the world. It is a must. Apart from China. In China there is no need for the tan. But that story belongs to the future. Back to Ireland with Strippers entertaining very happy groups of lads, or a lonely soul that needs his weekly lap dance to be OK in the head. Stripper, stripper where art thou? May be you will find them in an add that simply says “strippers for hire”. You will also stumble across many stripper agencies that will give full Argos catalogues of ladies in bikinis. Naturally you will definitely find them in a party. Every Stag party in Ireland will get strippers. Almost every husband to be wants a booty to say hello to him one last time. Indeed, the most traditional way to say goodbye to years of gallivanting is a motorboat. It will add spice to the Stag Party and makes it special for the groom. So what are the types of parties that strippers can make special in 2019?

Strippers in Ireland know how to get a party going

If you think of who to invite to your party, you think of a good mix of lads. For a boys’ night out you need a good mix of mad heads, good heads and strippers. If you invite only lads the party becomes a sausage stall on Oktoberfest. Get together loads of lads with something to say and before you know it you are talking shite to each other for the rest of the night. For our strippers Ireland is a like a village holiday. Performers that were stripping in Vegas or Melbourne, have seen parties that are still live on YouTube. When they hit Dublin Strippers know that they can bring their expertise to get the mood to the moon. Just by walking around the room in a bikini the dancer makes things interesting. The men start behaving, the convo turns into banter. All of the sudden, the strippers are dancing, the lads are doing shots and the roof is on fire. Basically strippers in Ireland and around the globe live in the party. They are the spirit of the party. Also if you are to hire strippers for an all night affair you will definitely have a ball. That’s because they know very well how parties work. They will tend to the shy guys so that they won’t feel left out. At the same time they  make sure the big spenders keep tipping. Even your usual party pisshead will behave better in the company of naked women. It has something to do with that beach feeling the bikinis bring to life. You don’t see people fighting or being boring sods by the beach. They have fun. Strippers have the job of making fun happening.

Strip Clubs in Ireland – A pit-stop between the church and the pub

Strippers are cheaper than an expensive date When you go to a strip club you might think that you will end up spending a fortune. Well…yes and no. It really depends on what you have set your mind to. If you bring with you a wad of green you will end up making it rain. Cos rain indoors is a good thing, right? Some men want to show off their cash and buy a new car. Some just want to see it fly on top of naked women. In Ireland strippers are not exactly the Hustlers from the 2019 movie. For example, most Dublin strippers moved to Ireland to leave behind years of madness in Benidorm or London. For Strippers Ireland is a place where they can work at an easier pace. As a result, you will not find lads with bottles of Crystal in one hand and the dosh in the other. Most men in Ireland go to strippers to relax. While some will spend more than others, the whole mood is more like a foam party in Ibiza and less like the Playboy Mansion. Comparatively, if you were to date a instamodel with enough followers to fill Semple Stadium, the tab at the end of the night will leave a long lasting impression on your credit card.

Strippers Ireland and house party fun

If you want to throw a house party that the lads will talk about for years to come, make sure strippers are your highlight of the night.  Irish Strippers are experts at house parties. When you think of how Ireland used to be in terms of strip-land traditions, you understand why. Actually strip clubs started becoming a thing only in the nineties. Before that you would get  Dublin strippers dancing on stage , but no nudity. Actually in the late eighties Toni the lap dancer from Tallaght made the national news. The year was 1986 and a see-through top covering a pair of oversized knockers was the talk of the town. Therefore, strippers were kept behind closed doors. What made things interesting is that having strippers in the comfort of your own private space took off the pressure of night clubs. Most club fights start from aggressive bouncers; and the girls that work with Hot Stuff Entertainment can confirm that. Once you are in private space, people are more respectful and more careful.

Birthday party Strippers in Ireland

Is it a tradition? Or a replacement for the kiss on the cheek from your sweetheart? When it comes to birthday parties with strippers Ireland has a special way about it. Tehre was one company that used to even get a personalised poem that the stripper would read to the birthday boy. Really? Yes, Irish strippers will read you a poem and will give you cream to lick from different parts of their bodies. Obviously the aim is to have as much fun as possible, but also be respectful. Most stripograms around the world have a fully naked show. In Ireland you get an R-rated version for big parties where you have older people. It is called a kissogram and it doesn’t involve a fully nude performance. And yes, the birthday boy gets a kiss on the cheek

Ireland has Exotic Dancers for every kind of Stag Party

A stag party needs strippers more than Ireland needs a World cup final.  In Ireland Strippers count on stags for their bucks. Every weekend, either in Dublin or Sligo, the lads celebrate stags in their thousands. If you want to have a stag without strippers you can. There are plenty of things to do around Ireland. Indeed, kayaking, paint-balling, golfing …the list is long and boring. Because without exotic dancers, a stag is just a boy scouts gathering. If you don’t get that special tickle in a special place, you are not in a stag. Also if you don’t get pictures of the groom with a thong as crown then you haven’t had your fill of fun. The ladies know well how to add rocket fuel to the engine of the party. As soon as they come in, they will make the groom feel like a naughty school boy and a jack pot winner at the same time.

Divorce Strippers in Ireland

Just think of it as a goodbye present from your ex-wife Up to five years ago you got a divorce and the only bill you had to think of was your solicitor’s bill. Naturally, after the divorce most men end up broke and shaken. So when you foot a bill of a few thousand to get rid of the wedding band, why not throw in a few hundred for yourself? That’s the spirit of the divorce parties. It seems people have need to celebrate. And a divorce party is a celebration. In Ireland Strippers are a basic feature of divorce parties.

F**k it … lets have a stripper party

Chillin’ with your strippers from around the corner.  When it comes to strippers Ireland is the capital of the relaxed strippers. You will find all types of looks, prices, and characters. From the very talkative MILF that will get on your nerves, to the Goth Goddess that will kick the sh*t out of you. The thing about Ireland is that men don’t tip as much. So the girls that strip in Ireland don\’t dance only for the money. They do it because they love the scene. You will also get touring strippers from all over the world that combine an Irish holiday with few stripograms. As a result, you will not have the full on hustle you get in Prague, Benidorm or Vegas. You don’t get fake characters either. Real girls ….but fake boobs. Cos silicon is a trademark of the striptease industry. If you want to hire strippers Ireland has a good few options, but none as good as Hot Stuff Entertainment.

Call now for special treatment ;)


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