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Strippers for hire in Ireland: 7 Crazy ideas to get you in trouble

Strippers for Hire: A weapon of sweet revenge

But how can strippers for hire turn into hired executioners of acts of revenge?

A vengeful mind is the mother of all laughter. Make no mistake gents, strippers in Ireland are part of a vast and merry crew that fuels good parties. It is the light that  keeps the smiles alive during the dark Celtic nights. Indeed, when one thinks of strippers, automatically the words, surprise, embarrassment and mischief pop to mind. We have done some extensive research of the stripping industry trends around the world to find out the maddest funniest strippers for hire. Additionally our own strippers’ experience helped us come up with some really off the wall ideas.

We found out that strippers are not just extremely good looking women. Oh, no! Behind the facade of high heels and bootilicious presences, you will find twisted wit and imagination. They are part of endless jokes and a good few unfamiliar practices. Indeed the kind of performances that will make some people smile and some others run away in panick. Well, we will focus on the smiling bit. That\’s why we added a few spicy bit applicable only to the Irish world.

Marriage equality means stripper equality

Let\’s say, well just let\’s imagine that a member of your family \’came out\’. Obviously we are happy for them. As a result now they can tell the world that they are proud and gay. As quite a few people in their 40s and 50s have spent way too long in the closet, coming out is a good reason for celebrations. Since a \’coming out\’ party is nowadays a family affair, strippers for hire can come to your aid. They will put a smile on the face of your gay mother or sister. Naturally, your father will be going through some type of middle life crisis. There will also be some members of the extensive family that will be quite shocked.

Instead of having long conversations about sexuality and family values, we suggest that you throw a party and hire a couple of strippers to perform nude in front of your adult members of the family. You can get one for the newly anointed gay member of your family and one for their heart broken ex – husband or boyfriend. They might not find each other attractive anymore, but life goes on.So they can share their common admiration of female beauty. At he same time the rest of the crowd can have a giggling competition. And if things turn sour just grab your phone and make sure you record the melee.

Transvestite Strippers for hire: The stag’s worst nightmare

For all the fellas that have visited Thailand, the sight of a chick with 10 pounds of silicone and a hidden baton is unforgettable. Once the game of sexuality starts, imagination is your best council or your own worst enemy. In Ireland you will find a wide variety of strippers for hire. Grannies that still climb the pole, Big Beautiful Women that can crash your head with their excess beauty and boys that were born in the wrong body. The latter are a bit harder to find, but with some connections and a good stripper agency on board, this dream can come true. Make sure to hire a sexy transvestite as stripper for your best friends stag party. And keep it a secret. Then watch the stripogram that this young fella will receive with delight. Till the end. Till the very end.

Dominatrix stripper for the morning after the Stag

The morning after the Stag Party, the intake of alcohol will take it’s toll. Actually  hangover cures involving Irish Breakfast and painkillers are a bit outdated. On the other hand strippers for hire can offer a mental boost that will make your stag jump out of bed with delight. But let\’s suppose that we want to make sure that he will never forget his Stag experience. Then you  hire a Dominatrix. Furthermore you disguise her as a chambermaid. Once she starts stripping your mate will feel like Winnie the Pooh in front of a ton of honey. Until she takes out her whip and leaves a good few red marks on his back side. Let\’s hope that the bride will have an open mind…. and not ask too many questions.

Policewoman strippers for you pothead buddies

Well her name is Mary Jane, and many young men have spent a long time in her exquisite company. We all have that one friend that is keen gardener. Yep, the guy that is always a bit late and speaks about his private plantation all the time. How can you make sure that he never speaks to you again is the question. In this case you get a couple of strippers in official police uniforms banging on his door at 7am in the morning. You can also make sure to be there so you can let them in. They can also handcuff him for good measure. While he is freaking out the ladies will proceed to taking off those scary uniforms and giving him some tender love and care.

Granny Strippers for Hire: a special 18th Birthday present

When a young man turns 18 his whole family is there to celebrate with. Its a way to tell the young fella he is welcome in the adult world. He will definitely get a good party to make his night a special occasion. The only thing he is missing is a mature hand to lead him into adulthood. When you are looking into strippers for hire for such an event, there are a good few usual suspects. Policewomen, cheerleaders and nurses outfits are the norm. But what about something that will scar him for life.

A stripogram from a granny stripper is something that will make everybody laugh. Including his own granny. As most strippers that keep performing in their golden years do not do a full strip, this will not be an x-rated affair. But a granny in stockings will be enough to send the whole crowd on the floor laughing.

Star War Strippers for hire

When it comes to your geek friends, there are a few options you need to consider. Since you probably have bought him already a ton of gadgets, and Star war memorabilia, why not look at the options of strippers for hire. Star Wars is much loved classic, and the Storm Troopers outfit will definitely make his day. For an added bonus you can also look into a princess Leah look alike. Then you can give him a light sabre so he can impersonate any of his favourite characters.

Funeral Strippers to bid Grandpa farewell

While the idea of strippers in a funeral will make most people shriek, in China it is apparently a new trend. Actually this is the riskiest of all strippers for hire ideas. On the other hand, if the deceased had a long and active life, why not make his favourite pass time part of his farewell party. We grieve the loss of a loved one, but also celebrate the life that goes on. So if your Grandpa spent a good part of his life in strip clubs, than let the strippers give him a farewell dance.


We as do not endorse any of the above at a professional capacity. Having said that by documenting the different trends in the stripping industry we are not breaking any laws. And then we have strippers for hire… So.. ya know. Give us a call ;)


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