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Timing Stripograms In Ireland: Best and Worst times

Stripograms In the Island of the 4 Green Fields

Strippers in Ireland with busy schedules

Initially lets deal with one big myth. Stripograms are not only a privilege for the late night bars. As most of the  Strippers in Ireland are not just ladies of the night. Usually they have many talents. You might find them in Life Drawing sessions, or sexy hostesses in trendy bars in Dublin. You might think that taking off sexy outfits is their only skill. That myth is very far from reality. Maybe up till the 80s the lines between stripping and other nighttime escapades were blurred. Nowadays female strippers in Ireland are clearly a different category of entertainment. While fully nude shows still capture the attention of the stags and boys with toys, there are many occasions that require their skill and expertise.

When is the best time to book a stripper in Ireland?

Anytime is stripper time! Well actually that might be true. On the other hand some hours of the day are better than others. Naturally certain performances are suited better for certain times of the day. So here it goes!

The early bird strippers

Here we are dealing with those special breakfast deliveries. Strippers in Ireland also work in the morning. Contrary to the common belief that stripograms are the pastime of night owls, morning shows are a new trend. As most lads would leave their hometowns on a Friday afternoon after work, the Saturday morning is a good time to get a surprise stripper anywhere in Ireland. So naked breakfast ladies can serve you a jumbo sausage roll with a jumbo motorboat. Hopefully not at the same time. Hot Stuff Entertainment does Breakfast Strippers and Topless Waitresses. As you will be in the comfort of your own private accommodation show, brekkie and a cold one go well together.

The midday special: Lunch on the go stripograms in Ireland

If any stags decide to go roadtripping a pitstop is a good opportunity for a stripogram. At the same time beware that not all villages in Ireland are familiar with a lady taking off their bra midday. Or taking anything of at all. So make sure that you choose the right venue for that naked lunch.

Yoga Instructor Strippers in Ireland

As a rule, stag companies will give you a list of activities which is a mile long. If you manage to do everything you will be ready for the Olympics.Or the Special Olympics. In any case most activity centres have changing rooms. So a good intermission could happen just after your stag has finished the paintballing session. While he is taking off his combat gear one of the Strippers can enter the room and start doing the same thing. At the same time the rest of the lads can behave like bears in zoo. Another idea would be to arrange a fake yoga class. The stripper, pretending to be a yoga instructor can surprise the lot of you with her elastic abilities.

The pre dinner entertainment

This particular time of the day is also ideal. It gives the lads a well deserved sensual break. It also provides the whole crew with a good bit of slagging material. Things like “Show me your spanking marks!” or ” Could you even breathe between those knockers?” can be part of the chit chat before and after the shots. Then a wide variety of liquids with over 40% can assist your general well being. The night is still young, but sadly some of the stags are not. Pitty!

What do you call the course between the Main Course and the Dessert?

A stripogram, obviously! Restaurants provide an ideal setting for the auld strip-o-ambush. Just after the mains have left the table and the smokers are thinking of harming their lungs.  At the time when everybody is looking to stretch their feet for a few minutes… Here comes the stripper! It is strongly advisable to discuss with the management of the restaurant with regard to a private area on the premises. The stags might be up for some live pick-me-up, but not the crowd celebrating an 80th on the table next to them. Nice occasion for stripograms in Ireland, but it depends on the venue.

Late Night Stripograms

This is the most usual time for stripograms in Ireland. Obviously a show at 8 pm and a show at midnight are two completely different stories. The 19.30 to 21.00 slot is the best for such performances. Most stags are fed, watered and can still walks reasonable distances. At the same time they still hold together as a group and haven’t suffered major casualties. Nobody is yet peeing against a Garda car or puking at the feet of a stray dog. At the same time this time slot is the busiest time of the night for strippers in Ireland. And all over the world for that matter. As a consequence getting  last minute stripograms around this time is akin to winning the Euromillions.

The wee hours of the morning

As ladies know well, males are not the most organised creatures on Earth. Some of the lads will leave the bare necessities of  stag for last. While it is not the wisest of the decisions, it is prime fuel for the Al’mighty Craic. Especially after midnight. In the best case scenario the Stripper will carry the stag in her arm like Prince Charming carried Cinderella. In the worst, confusion will lead to some smart aleck getting stripograms. While the stag is dying of alcohol poisoning in a corner.

Hot Stuff Entertainment provides stripograms 24/7/365. Obviously most self respecting strippers in Ireland will not perform for audiences that have regressed back to the stone age. Let us check our schedule…..ahh feck it ! You are in ! A stag is a stag with no tag !


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