10 Types of Stags and a whole load of Madness

Stags by category and how to mess up a Stag Party

Every-time there is a stag party going on you have to sit down with your best mates and think of you are going to invite. As stags of 50 plus lads would not be able to get in anywhere, unless it was the end of the world, selection has to be careful. So we came up with a list of the types of Stags, that might want or not want in your party. So lets start

The big spender every Stripper in Ireland loves

You can easily spot the big spender. He is the guy that will buy everybody a drink. He will also buy flowers for the strippers. If you give him free reign he could end up buying the whole pub a drink. Make sure to keep an eye on him as his spending habits might end up getting you in trouble. As a matter of fact not all the lads will feel that comfortable. It is important to give the opportunity to all the lads to get their round.

The mad hatter

We all have a friend that is just out there. Give him a chance to party and he will imprint his memory on your last night of freedom forever. Surely, a bit of madness never hurt anybody. But he is the fella that will disappear in the middle of the night. Also he will have no problem asking the strippers for a fetish favor. Expect him to ask the strippers for their thong or bra. As a precaution make sure that you pair this particular fella with an older and wiser stag to avoid major mishaps.

The Totally married Stag

Since he got married he is not able to make a decision without his better half. Not that there is something wrong with that. Generally a good sound family man is a the right role model to take with you to a stag. Or an example to avoid. He will insist of telling his darling wife about your every move. He will unwittingly tell her that you are getting strippers for a stag. Make sure to keep him away from compromising scenes. If possible, hide his mobile phone whenever you get a chance.

The Stripper guy

As the title suggests, this is the guy that will get you strippers anywhere in Ireland. He is the go to daddy of all strippers in Ireland. Don\’t be surprised if he knows the stripper that you have called by her real name. He is going to be the one that will get the other stags going crazy when the performance happens.

The Brother of the Bride

Actually most self respecting future brothers in law kindly decline the offer on being on a stag. As they should. But there are those fellas that after some gentle persuasion from the bride will attend the stag. First and foremost, it is going to be awkward. Realistically the stags are meant to have fun and go wild. Taking the brother of the bride with you it literally kills the fun. If he does decide to join there is a good strategy that our strippers have put in place. It never fails. So you need to get a stripper for him too. Then there is the option of feeding him tequilas from the early morning till he passes out.

The Stags general

This is the kind of the guy that lives for stag parties. This brave young man ( or not so young) is usually single, works in professions that require a serious amount of partying and just loves being on a stag. He is usually single and after spending a couple of hours with him you will understand why. Trust this wise stag to arrange the best activities, the sexiest exotic dancers and take care of any issues. If the stag is in danger he will be the one to save it.

The Activities Guy

While all the stags need activities to stir up some good adrenaline,this stag will take things to a whole new level. Have you thought of rock climbing followed by paint balling and zorbing all in the same afternoon. No? Well meet the activities guy. Expect him to find some really crazy places for team bonding activities.

The Alcoholic

Since booze is part of the Stags, this guy is like the chemist of the stag party. He will order the shots, followed by a cocktail and finished by a crisp cider. He will take the party to whiskey tasting joints and recommend the best pale ales in town. Every stag party needs this guy.

The hungry guy

While he prefers to be identified as a foodie, the stags know well that this fella will gobble everything on his way. He will order a burger during a stripogram. He will also be the best person to ask about the best food spots in town. Just in case, make sure to have an ample supply of nuts and crisps on the go. There is nothing worse than dealing with this fella when he is really hungry.

The culture guy

Stags are much more keen to watch a game than go to a museum. But if you want a historic tour of any town, don\’t waste your money on a guided tour. If this guy is one of the stags let him take you for a tour of Dublin, Galway, Cork or Limerick. He will show you sights and places that even the most professional tour guides will miss. He will probably be quiet once the strippers arrive. On the other hand he can share his vast amount of knowledge on the history of erotic performances. After a few pints, such story telling skills are much appreciated.

Our strippers have seen all types of stags by now… so which one are you?


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