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Silicone and Strippers in Ireland : A strippers prospective

Strippers in Ireland : Silicone Dreams Explained

Are they real or fake?

Why do Strippers in Ireland choose to have breast implants ?

Strippers in Ireland come in many varieties. As a rule, the Irish audiences are more open minded than their American or European partners in crime. Thus, the ladies here are more relaxed when it comes to body image. A stag party in Ireland is more up for the craic than the full frontal nudity bit. Not that fully nude shows in Dublin or Kilkenny will go to waste.

But first, some basic information about the fake titties. As a matter of fact the first women with fake boobs walked the streets of America in 1961. And up till 1991 the FDA didn’t require any assurances from the providers about the quality of the implants. In Ireland there are a few cosmetic surgery clinics that can double your “D”s or “C”s. In any case, most strippers in Ireland rely on European and US clinics for their new plasticity.

So, why the bouncy silicone castles of delight?

Strippers in Ireland want to be in fashion

Like it or leave it stripping has fashion trends. In the 60s the chunk in the trunk was in fashion. The 70s and the 80s saw the rise of the heroin addict look. The 90s brought onboard silicone. And it has become a staple of all the strip shows in Ireland. If the strippers in Vegas or Benidorm have  nice “C”+ cups the Strippers in Ireland want them too.

It prolongs the stripper expiry date

Stripping in Ireland and around the globe is part sport, part dance part sensual show. The sport and and dance part requires that the performer has an acceptable look according to worldwide standards. And gravity is a b***h!  So the balconies must stand firm even in the early 40s.  For most Irish Strippers a pair of implant is part of the initial investment with a great ROI rate.

They fit in most of the Exotic Dance routines

By now most stripograms will include the unmistakable “motorboat”. Obviously most las will have Stag Party photos of this maneuver. The Stag\’s face sunk between two mountains while the rest of the Stags screaming like lions in zoo during mating season.

Silicone is good for tips

Stripper cleavage is one of the key assets a stripper can done. The exotic dancers in Ireland will tell you that their tips doubled after the silicon extras. A good pair of knockers works wonders in a group young impressionable stags.

New Boobs = New Stripper Confidence

A stripper has to be confident to walk in a room full of people and perform naked. A new pair of boobies makes a woman proud. Just like most body modifications it need to go on a par with the personality. When one goes through the process of breast augmentation they know exactly what they are getting and why. Once that process is complete strippers feel more comfortable to take to the stage and wow the crowds.

Strippers’ Clothes fit better

A very practical reason. But Strippers in Ireland will explain that most companies that produce sexy outfits for exotic dancers cater for C cups. It is a bit like the market recognises the rise in breast implants in strippers and designs them accordingly.

Natural Breasts Imperfections

There are simply cases where left and right are not the same size. Not a major issue for most women. But if you have to be on stage for most of the night you need symmetry. Imagine a situation where the nipple tassels are doing a helicopter. And one of the propellas is flying lower than the other.

Post Pregnancy Drop

A lot of the professional strippers in Ireland are yummy mummies. And one of the drawbacks is that significant size drop. While a good few strippers will be fine with working around that with routines and shows fit for the mummy look, some go to the surgeon. Then they can take to the stage

Exotic Dancers in Ireland have adopted the silicone look to a great extent. It looks good, it feel ok and it guarantees an amazing performance. Most of all it keeps the dancers in the business for longer. And the stripping scene is becoming more of a performance based profession rather than a part time activity. As a consequence the level of skill either on the pole dancing or lap dancing in Ireland is going up every year. If a performer is performing in her mid to late 30s that means 10 to 15 years of experience. Professional dancers of that level are a joy to watch. Either in Stag Party or a strip club you can notice straight away the experienced exotic dancers in Ireland.

What about the side effects?

Like all body modifications, breast implants need maintenance…and money.  Strippers that venture in the silicone direction must take all precautions necessary. Horror stories of substandard implants exploding and serious injuries resulting in numerous operations have made the news very often. On the other hand research has also shown that women who add implants as part of their breast cancer treatment have recovered better than their natural counterparts. When it comes to the acrobatics breast readjustment after each show is necessary. At least until the new additions feel really at home.

We love them all ;)

Hot Stuff Entertainment does encourage the natural look. We love all breast sizes and types as long as the stripograms in Ireland remain perfect. As a matter of fact we do not judge our strippers by their cup size. Whatever the cup, we will always have strippers in Ireland that are you cup of tea. A strip show is a combination of many things. The personality of the strippers is the most important factor. The looks are important but they come second. If a stripper can enter a room full of stags and wreak havoc from the first 30 seconds of her show then we say: “F***k the T**s – Love the strip show”


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