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Naughty Valentine’s Stripper Ideas

Why Valentines needs Strippers

Oh Valentines, the time that we offer roses chocolates and perfume to our loved ones and expect to get laid. Also the time that flower shops make record sales. Not to mention the Valentines Menu in all the restaurants of the western world. The amount of heart shaped desserts and flower decorated menus is just insane. I mean, how many times will one read “I love you” at random spots all over Ireland? And no it’s not a hidden message for anybody specifically. Generally speaking Valentines day is the day that everybody that is in a relationship will spend money on something that will end up either being consumed in the same day or end up in the bin with two or three. So why not break the rules and get a Valentine’s stripper surprise for your BAE. Or for yourself! Let alone the double edged sword that is the Stag party on Valentine’s.

Valentine the Saint

St. Valentine was not anybody boyfriend. He was a Saint ffs. As such his priority was the salvation of the human souls. Not the adoration of the human bodies. His specialty was restoring the sight of the blind and generally being pious and kind. We cannot confirm if blind love or love at first have anything to do with it but it does fit the story-line. There is one version of the St. Valentines Saga that involves him sending love letters to his jailers daughter signed “from your Valentine”. On the other hand, here we are talking about a pure and simple kind of love. Not the one that indulges in chocolate and spa treatments.

Lupercalia, the fertility rites

Going a bit further back in history, there was another famous festival in the Roman times that had much more in common with today’s Valentine. The Lupercalia, was a festival of fertility held in Rome on the 15th of February. It honored Faunus, a horned half goat half man God that liked to party. One aspect of the festival, is very similar to today’s speed dating on Valentine\’s nights. The names of all the single women were put in a draw, and one name would be drawn to be matched with that of a bachelor. The couple would be put on a obligatory one year dating contract. Such matches mostly ended up in marriage. In Celtic Ireland, Imbolc, marked the beginning of the spring. Also known as St. Bridget’s feast, again it made a clear connection, between women and fertility. Such get-togethers were not far from a modern day stag party or hen party.

Valentine’s Stripper, a trendy taboo

While the mainstream of the couples go for restaurants and spas, there are exceptions. Since couples that are together for years have gone through many traditional Valentine\’s celebrations, they are on the look out for new ideas. Lately, stripper agencies and strip clubs alike experience a high demand on Valentine\’s. There are those that would rather spend the night with their single friends. Indeed, couples that spend every day of the year together take this opportunity to swim against the tide of roses and teddy bears. For the lads hitting the clubs with their single friends, is always a good option. Then in the same spirit they could call a couple of strippers just cause it\’s fun. If Floyd Mayweather can spend Valentine\’s with strippers, so can you.

Strip Clubs vs Stripper Agencies

There is paradox when ti comes to naughty Valentines events. Strip Clubs could be a top location, but actually they are not. As the clubs attract less than normal traffic and most of the dancers that are in a relationship book it off, it is a tepid affair. On the other hand, stripper agencies are super busy. Boys only house parties are a favorite for Valentine celebrations that go against the tide, and the addition of strippers is always a bonus. Instead of spending time in a strip club that is missing the usual edgy hustle, ordering your take-away strippers is a wiser choice.

Stripper as a gift for your Valentine

The open minded ladies of Ireland have been ordering strippers for their partner\’s birthday for a good while now. So why not for Valentine\’s? If he has been a good boyfriend, you might want to send your sexy alter ego towards his direction. An exotic dancer will put a smile on his face. Additionally, some ladies might feel like watching the performance in order to witness his embarrassment. Who knows, some ladies might even pick up a few moves for later on.

A double Valentine’s Stripper treat

Then there are those couples that celebrate their togetherness without any inhibitions. Indeed some couples would push the boundaries and enjoy a stripogram side by side.In this case stripper agencies offer a male and female stripper to perform simultaneously. Such shows can be tailored to the needs of the couple. A sexy character from your partners fantasy land can set the mood for the night. On the other had there are endless burlesque options if the fully nude shows are not your thing. If anyone is thinking of sending such a wild gift to their parents though…maybe go down the traditional route and send them chocolates. Such exotic shows are not for the faint of heart.

Dominatrix: For a spanking good Valentine

For boyfriends or husbands that have given their special lady a bit of a hard time throughout the year, Valentine\’s Dominatrix offers to the ladies an opportunity to get even. A dominatrix act will definitely send a clear message to a partner that either enjoys a bit of spanking or has a good sense of humour. Or maybe a bit of both. The ladies can choose the right performer and the strippers will deliver their message with a whip in one hand and a dog collar in the other. This category of Valentine’s Stripper is highly recommended for couples with an S&M lifestyle.

Stag Party on Valentine’s ?

This is a perfect excuse for any lads that would love to escape the cheesy surroundings of candle lit tables. While the rest of the lads  will have to repeat \”I love you\” every five minutes, the lads that go on a stag for Valentines have a different schedule. First a pub crawl so they can see the rest of the romantic world they will be missing. Then to a private area where the Valentine\’s Stripper will hit the floor. Now all the boys can scream\”take them off\” as many times as they want. The only thing that is needed is a brave groom. Or his best buddy that will take the blame for organising a Stag Party on Valentine\’s. Like every stag party it should have shots, strippers and pranks. And we are sure you will not be short of prank ideas on Valentines.

Money talks…even for Valentine’s Stripper events

Nowadays Valentines is a multi billion dollar industry   So what will a Valentine\’s stripper really cost you? Actually, most Stripper agencies have special offers for Valentine\’s Stripper surprises. In any case it will definitely work out cheaper than a full Valentine\’s Package.

Let us be your Valentine….in the nude 😉


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