Naughty Santa Blog: Christmas Party Ideas for hard working lads

Christmas Party: Hungovers and gossip

The season to be jolly is here. Also the season to buy useless gifts and embarrass yourselves. The Office Christmas Party is a major event in any workplace. The company will hand out beer vouchers and the main focus will be the bar. Most companies will book a hotel function room, hire a half decent DJ and there will be raffle. Everybody will dress up in some kind of festive dress code, and there will be turkey and ham on the menu. In a pattern that rarely changes, groups of self respecting employees will get drunk, and hit the dance floor with moves and routines perfected from years of Christmas Parties. We have described a good 90% of all Christmas parties in just a few lines.

But there are a few companies that tend to take a different approach. Some simply because the make up of the companies themselves allow for some level of naughtiness to be present. Others, will spice things up as the participation has been dwindling with every year passing by. In any case, the employees will eventually wake up the next day with some type of hangover and depending on the level of alcohol intake. But when it comes to gossip, most people will remember the mistletoe shenanigans of the previous night …unless the party was organised by Naughty Santa.

Naughty Santa at a Truck Driver’s Christmas Party

Naturally, truck drivers and taxi drivers tend to be male dominated professions.  As a result the Christmas Party of taxi companies or international haulage companies will include professional strippers of some shape or form. As the mixed crowds might not favor an LA style striptease party with full on nudity, you might get a stripogram after the raffle. Or a sexy Santa\’s helper as a Topless Waitres distributing shots from her magic bag. Imagine the faces of the lads when the 1st prize is a lap dance from Santa\’s Little Helper. Actually, this intervention come complete with stockings, suspenders and a motorboat for the lucky guy. The rest of the lads just like Rudolf the red rose reindeer, will jump in the sleigh of cocktails and shots till they end up safely in taxis and driven home by other proud professionals of the wheel business.

Mrs Santa Stripping for the Builders

Mrs Santa costumes always sell well in strippers’ boutiques during the festive season. The cranes are dotting the Dublin skyline. Obviously this means only one thing. The lads with the hard hats will be spending their cash in pubs and strippers all over Ireland. Not that builders do not frequent theaters or fancy restaurants. But nothing gets the building site out of a man\’s system like a stripper with jingle bells on. Jingle bells, jingle balls and Frosty the 2lt Vodka bottle are the best company in a builders Christmas party. Other favorite costumes fitting for the hard working men of the construction industry include a hard hat and hard silicone cones. There is always a fetish that hits the spot better than others in every profession. Put an electric screwdriver in a stripper’s hand and you are onto a winner of a show.

Chefs live by the night…and the night is full of delights

Oh, yes. The lads in the whites. In any restaurant or hotel Christmas party you will notice the chefs. They drink more, get drunk less and will be the first to jump into a fight. When it comes to the strass levels and the share of manual work, construction and cooking go hand in hand. The heat makes them sweaty and the pressure makes them angry. While the strippers in chefs aprons might not be part of the restaurant team celebrations, the lads in whites will find some dive bar in town to celebrate with good music, good strippers and a train of whiskey and coke ( coca cola we mean like )

Solicitors and Bankers

Now this profession might not enjoy the same public appreciation as the above, but it does enjoy the appreciation of Washington, Lincoln and many other US presidents printed on the green carpet of happiness. They do enjoy prime paychecks which they can afford to turn into decorating material for g-strings. While not all the highly paid members of the financial elite enjoy the company of strippers, those that do shop from the high end of the market. Not that it matters much. Most men have the same attitude towards strippers. A mix of admiration and jealousy.

We all want something for Christmas. A present, a hug, a dose of happiness ..maybe love and compassion. There are those that just want a good solid pint and a motorboat. Strippers offer always tangible solutions.

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