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Mother’s Day Special Monty

Male strip shows in Ireland

Male strippers have been entertaining the ladies in Ireland for a good while now. The idea of hiring a hunky performer to bare his assets for a special occasion really took off during the Celtic Tiger years. You could do a lot with your excess wealth in the early 2000. On one hand you had the wise people of Ireland that invested in negative equity. At the same time a good proportion of the hard working ladies decided to give their spare cash to male strippers. This way we ended up with people that were in serious debt for the rest of their lives. And we also had people that had experienced a Full Monty up close and personal. When things go pear shaped, why not splash on a willy show, right?

Male strippers for your Mother

In the Irish culture, the ma\’, is very close to the Italian mama. Both types of mamas have a very powerful position in their respective society. Yes, in both Italy and Ireland the mothers rule the lives of men. They also drive them insane. But there is one big difference. While the Italian mothers spend their lives between a pasta machine and a confession box, the Irish mums don\’t. Yes there is a confession box involved in Ireland\’s motherly population. But there is also banter, bubbly and loads of well meant pranks. An on Mother\’s day, Irish mothers do get a male stripper surprise every now and then. In Italy that is obviously a no-no.

The Irish Mother’s day, a reminder of a failed Empire

Mother\’s Day celebrations take place  on the 4th Sunday of Lent in the UK, Ireland, The Chanel Islands and the Isle of Man aaaand …Nigeria. Primarily it is a Christian Celebration. But nowadays it is nothing but a pious affair. In reality, Mother\’s Day is just another opportunity for mothers and daughters to bond. The men in their lives shower them with presents, and the usual combo of chocolate, flowers and gift cards. Why do people in Ireland still celebrate a holiday that is a leftover of previous administration? The answer is as baffling as the habit of Irish people to support English teams. I suppose that bad habits die hard. Whatever the explanation, Mother\’s day is also an occasion for Mothers to get a bit cheeky.

So if one has a mum with an open mind and a taste for good looking men, male strippers in Ireland can come to the rescue. As a general rule, a stripogram for Mother’s Day is a gift that you save for her golden years. It is in their 60s and 80s that Irish women have the most fun. Our male strippers have a long list of stories that involve ladies in their mature age acting like teenagers on Mother\’s Day.

Mother’s Day male strip shows

Beware of the Mothers! Actually, our expert male stripper agents will advise that men should avoid venues where Mother\’s Day strip shows are part of the program. The male strippers are not the issue here. But as the majority of the audience are women that have been day drinking, things can get a bit out of hand. The trouble starts when some smart-ass decides to take a snipe at the ladies that are enjoying themselves.  Women are much better at defending their turf when it comes to people that lack basic respect. As a result such interventions usually end with the swift ejection of the disturbances from the premises. If you have a cool mum that enjoys male strip shows Ireland is the place to be. Instead of big theatres and special effects, the ladies usually go for a rough and ready male stripper get-together in their local.

Male Strippers for Mother’s Day: Quality vs Quantity

How many male strippers can one afford to send to his mother? It definitely depends on the quality of the performers. In the era of Instagram, the male stripper label is one the lads would wear with pride. As a result, a simple search for male strippers on social media will give you a wide range of choices and services.

But it\’s your Mother we\’re talking about. A Micky mouse stripper will definitely spoil the night and leave one short a few bob. One of the best options available is to send a special Full Monty gift that comes with a seal of approval. We\’re talking about the Board Bia of stripograms here. Google reviews are always a good starting point. Make sure to always call the number on the website and explain what are you looking for. What might sound like a fun idea might not be exactly what you are looking for.

Buff Butlers for your Mother: the tame Kissograms

When that cheeky smile on your face shows up, it\’s very hard to make it go away. On the other hand, it always a good idea to take the advice of other members of the family. Ask your father, your uncle and your spinster aunt. If they all agree to get your mother a stripper then you are on a winner. Alternatively, the kissogram is the obvious naughty but nice choice. This means that you will still have to get the traditional chocolate and flowers, but a sexy young man will deliver them. Then you make sure there are enough incriminating photos that you can frame for her birthday. Or print a special birthday card 😉

If you are looking for a male strip show of international dimensions, try the Hunks of Desire. These lads know how to bring a venue back to life, even on a lazy Sunday.

Whatever your decision, Mother\’s Day is a special occasion which can offer you the opportunity to say thank you to your mothers with or without male strippers.


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