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Mature Strippers in Ireland: Pipping Hot or Burnt out

Mature Strippers in Ireland: A new level of hotness

When it come to the stripping industry the average age of success is set at 25. Most strippers in Ireland start their dancing career between the early or late 20s . There are exceptions though. As stripping can be an extra income, many ladies that did some type of exotic dancing, will return to the profession for that reason. There also late starters. Stripping as an exercise is a great way to burn calories but also boost confidence. Mature strippers tend to have a surplus of the latter.

Why clubs hire mature strippers

In clubs the mature strippers, and by mature we mean mid 30s to to mid 40s are the queens of their game. At the end of the day efficiency is important. A stripper in a club has about 3 to 4 hours to make her paycheck. And clubs have the same amount of time to take their cut. So its in their interest to keep on the books a couple of seasoned strippers that know how to make men part with their cash as fast as possible.

Stripper agencies

A standard category of strippers on the catalogue of stripper agencies are the mature dancers. There is a demand for the more mature look. Let alone the fact that stripper reach their dancing apex in their mid 30s. There a lot of men that look for a more experienced experience. A young one that can wiggle he wobbly bits and smile is not everyone’s cup of tea. Compassion is something that strippers with few years under their belt can deliver well. And the tricks of the trade come with years of experience.

Mature strippers as teachers

Mature strippers can easily teach the new arrivals a few money making moves. Clubs or stripper agencies don\’t usually have a training and development department. So it\’s down to the mature strippers to train the younger acolytes. Apart from the usual pole exercises and trick during lap dancing, the more mature ladies are the ones that will give practical advice on numerous topics. They will teach the ladies about different categories of clients, and most importantly who to avoid spending time on. They will also enforce the rules of the club. While some newbies might be tempted by offers of extra cash for favours, the mature strippers will explain to them the dangers of the nightlife.

Bouncers in disguise

Any stripper that has spent over a decade in the half lit corridors of the night clubs, knows to handle herself even in the most difficult situations. They will have no problem putting a misbehaving customer in their place. They tend to protect and foster younger girls and make sure that the positive buzz in a strip club keeps going.

Best promoters a club can find

One will always find these ladies dressed in fashion outfits outside the clubs. They know how to sell the club and who to sell it to. Mature strippers are crucial in order to attract more customers. If they are not showing off their skills on stage, they are promoting the club on the ground or on social media. Experienced strippers have a big following online. Clients tend to have favourite strippers. It’s these strippers with considerable following and a strong network of admirers that keep the wheels of the business turning.

Advocates for the stripping industry

With the striptease industry taking the blame for anything from broken marriages to the lack of parking, the mature strippers can stand up straight and explain what’s what is plain English. Such advocates of exotic dancing are quite frank about their experience and what the show means to them and their audience. It\’s not that the striptease world is flawless, but it is no different than any other profession. If you ask an A&E nurse and a stripper what they love about their job, you will find a few similarities. It is about working during the night with other humans that need some attention. Sadly the nurses get paid much less.

Fetishes …not the rule but all exceptions are welcome

Some strippers are able to go up and down a pole like athletes, some bring a smile to a depressed face and some are able to bring to life the wildest fantasies. Yes a headmistress in stockings or a dominatrix are not the easiest act to pull off. The skills that mature strippers acquire with years of stripping are crucial for such delicate roles. A show for the specific audiences with peculiar taste is what Hot Stuff Entertainment does best .  We are sure that the mature touch can steer the night in the right kind of direction.

Mature strippers might not be the top rated strippers for all the men that seek excitement in the night but for sure, those men that choose them will get more than they bargained for.


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