Topless Waiters : A Fashion Statement

Topless Waiters are the special hosts that any self respecting Hen Party should have.  Our sexy and polite Topless Waiters will be your hosts and then will serve with care your drinks and canapes. Most of all, their well defined muscles can lift any size of Champagne bottle. Obviously they can lift the bride-to-be if you ask them to. Our Topless Waiters in Dublin can come to your location and organise party games, the usual body shots competitions, or simply be the spirit of the party. Tongue in cheek behaviour guaranteed. Check out our new website here!

Buff Butlers: Movers and Shakers

Buff Butlers are the type of guys that will make your cocktails then become your personal party animal. With a lot of tricks under theri sleeve they come in the formal attire of Manhattan barman , bar the shirt. Instead they show off their shiny abs, with the help of a bit of olive oil…no, no, sorry, baby oil….The olive oil is for the personal chef we can add to the package.

Male and Female Strippers

Hen and Stag Party Packages

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