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Dublin: Male strippers’ HQ. Where Male Strippers Dublin reign .The capital of letting go. Where the  The Hen party Parade in the Temple Bar knows how to let loose. The phallic symbol of the Spire is a monument dedicated to all the Hen Party Girls that come here to enjoy the Irish Hospitality. Feel the electric atmosphere of the busy bars and world renowned breweries and restaurants. The Dublin Hen Parties have overtaken London, not only because of the friendly atmosphere of the hosting nation, but also because of the high quality of the activities organised . Hen Parties in Dublin elevate the “henning” experience from a socialising event to a carnival style euphoric gathering, with the Everest Peak being the Male Stripper scene that our mantastic hunks dominate.

When our artistic director left the Male Strippers’ world of Costa Blanca to test the Irish stripping waters, there was an initial disappointment. Most Irish Male Strippers had not managed to free their mind, body and willy as yet. The Hen parties were just girls nights out. But that was 15 years ago. Nowadays, Irish Male strippers move in perfect synchronicity with their Latino peers. Actually they  provide Hen Parties with a Male Stripper hall of mirrors. This leaves them in split decisions between a hot bath and a cold shower.

The Capital is hotter with  Male Strippers Dublin


Dublin is a city of lively nights and neon lights. The Hen parties walk streets rich with history and tales. The many  races, creeds and faces that have walked on the Dublin soil are no different than the Hen Parties of this Millennium;they all wonder how a snapshot of the natural  human body can light up the mood and make the daily toils seem so far away for a while.

Our male strippers are the performers that maybe will not make the Late Late Show. But rest assured they will win the hearts of the Hens that party hard. Avail from the North Side to the South Side.


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