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Male Strippers Carlingford: Always Instagram worthy

Male Strippers Carlingford has seen many. But our guys top the poll. You can always get some good looking guy from Tinder to come to your party. But do they know how to entertain a group of demanding ladies?

This is a small place, picturesque; where Trad Music and long walks go hand in hand. Breathtaking views and traditional Irish hospitality make the experience unforgettable and instagram-worthy. It is also a Hen Party destination that competes with Dundalk. Actually it beats other hen locations not in the quantity but the quality of Hen Parties. We tread with care in the cobblestone streets of Carlingford, as we strip for groups of Happy Hens, and we appreciate the beauty of the nature and the town. The hens give standing ovations to our Male Stripping shows as we import an exotic feeling to this traditional setting. Nevertheless, we remain humble and keep perfecting the dance moves and the final touches so that our Male Stripping experience matches each occasion.


We kindly ask you ladies to respect the environment the beauty of this Irish gem as much as you respect our stripping.

Book now! Class and a nice piece of…. cake guaranteed.

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