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Do you know the mother of all the Dwarf Shows?

The Seven Dwarfs were an essential part of one of the most successful fairytales in the human history. It is not a coincidence.vIf you think that your height determines your strength you are in for a surprise. Our Dwarfs  have a long history of rising up to the challenge. In fairy tales they are the characters that save the Princesses. In the real world they are entertainers that have turned their disadvantage in an advantage. They are highly paid entertainers and very good at making a party a PARTY.  In the words of Louis Fatale, who runs a Dwarf Entertainment Agency in Las Vegas:

“It’s not an easy life but a lot of them make the best of it”

His brother, a dwarf rock star featured in high profile commercials such as Dr Pepper. Sadly he passed away from a heart attack while living it up Vegas style. Full documentary follows:

Little People as Performers

Dwarf as entertainers

Dwarfs are brilliant entertainers because they have cemented a level of confidence that most of us tall people can only admire. And while actors like Verne Troyer (the Mini-Me character) enjoy celebrity status, in China they have established the Kingdom of the Little people and the Chinese flock from all over the vast human traffic jam that is China, to see them perform.

In Ireland we have seen them as cheeky Leprechauns adding to the Irish craic and hospitality.

There are a multitude of  Hen and Stag Parties that want to navigate away from the option of the Muscles from Brussels or the Angels of Sin  stripogram/ kissagram. Naughtiness is a must when it comes to celebrating the end of one’s single life. But so is laughter and genuine fun. Dwarf entertainers are able to  bring joy and lift the spirits of the well meaning revellers.  Your Hen Stag or Birthday Party will have the shock of their life. They  will be expect a classic stripper for a full monty peek, but instead one of our hilarious dwarf performers will handcuff them and the duo will become the soul of the party. Most of them are well established performers that have worked in theatre, tv and  film and know how to get the crowd going.  You will lighten up as soon as they enter the room. You will have the chance to  lose the weight that is making it difficult for you to fit in that wedding attire, as our little fellas will make you dance all night long  and give you a run for your money.

The cost of the dwarf shows is higher than the usual strippogram/ kissogram but is well worth it. At the end of the day if you want your party experience to be unique and unforgettable you need a professional with the height of a beer keg and the confidence of a single malt.

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