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Male Strippers Wexford

If you take the advice of our Male Strippers Wexford can be an ideal spot for a smashing Hen Party.

Wexford and county will mesmerise any passerby. As a result nature loving Hen Parties head for Wexford town to enjoy a relaxing time by the Irish Sea. Our Male strippers recommend Kilmore Quay, a picture perfect fishing village where your Hen Party can stretch their feet taste local delicacies and let the fresh wind play with your evening wear. Our Male strippers will find you as agreed and play an essential part in the Hen Party of the year.

Easy like Sunday morning

While other Hen Party Locations have the multitude of bars and loud venues, Wexford has grace. A Hen Party in Wexford, with or without Male strippers is a welcome break to one of the most picturesque town in Ireland. Wexford is has the title and the feel of a tidy town. Balconies with flowers, small boutiques with locally designed gifts and clothes, all point to an amazing Hen Party experience.

Male Strippers in Wexford are local lads and blow ins. The East Coast waves have brought in a lot of young good looking fellas. Surfers and divers, are the kind of guys that have the confidence to battle the waves and do a Full Monty Show. In the nip? Maybe not all the time. But when they do the bodies speak for themselves.

When it comes to venues, The Old Deanery Estate and their Barn, are amazing spots where a group of Ladies can relax with a wine tasting session, or have some laughs and giggles with their nude model. Draw a nude, wine tasting, cocktail classes or a spa treatment and dinner in the Clayton Whites Hotel? Can all that fit in one day. We say …nay. As Male Strippers that now Wexford pretty well, we recommend activities that not only boost the fun part of a Hen Party, but also have a low impact on the nervous system of the bride-to-be.

You can ask our Male Strippers Wexford if you want to find out the best place to hang out during your Wexford Hen. We suggest The Centenary Stores ( Locally just The Stores), Campara and the Foggy Dew Inn.

In Wexford, we offer professional Male Strippers, that will perform their spectacular routines in your chosen venue. If you don’t believe us…

Have a look at our Hunks.

Then book them as early as possible as. Everything in Wexford town gets booked out fast.


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