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Strippers in Waterford for Stags & Hens

An amazing Stag & Hen party destination, Waterford offers everything Cork does. But with a different accent and a better price. Waterford Strippers are a regular feature in the clubs and pubs of this seaside city. Obviously, the go to answer for strippers in Waterford is Hot Stuff Entertainment with its vast database of performers and even better customer service.

Male Strippers Waterford

For our Male Strippers this is a bustling town with an appreciation of beauty and striptease. They have performed in the Kazbar, the Revolution Bar and many other venues. But if our guys would have performed in the The Waterford Crystal factory the later would have suffered major losses. Just think of the vibrations….and the fragile crystals. Not that the fate of the factory and the employment of the city didn’t feel the vibrations of the recession. Thankfully the Hen & Stag party industry noticed the potential. Weekend entertainment is one of the main sources of income. Even one of the most reputable Hen & Stag  organisers in Ireland has it’s headquarters in Waterford. Yep, Stagballs and Fancy Hen have their head office of mischief in this city. 

Additionally, we have made the sunny southeast our second home. Hen Parties in Dungarvan, or birthday parties in the Crystal City, are a walk in the park for our male strippers. The Hens in Waterford come from all over Ireland to walk on the promenade and dream of their favourite sailor. The sailor costumes come easily off our Hunks, while the cheering of the Hens makes the party know to the rest of the galaxy. Full Monty is on the menu of the hen party organisers and they know they can count on the Hunks of Desire to distribute awe, laughter and sensuality through their marbled biceps, triceps and disarming charm. The Hen Parties in Waterford will honour our special kissograms with a sea-view this summer and we will reach Dublin with a heavy heart and minus a couple of G-Strings.

PS: If you do steal our G-Strings, the Hunks (as the professional male strippers they are) will not press charges.

But we will provide our postal address for a replacement of your choice .

Female Strippers Waterford

And guess what. Our Company also provides stunning  strippers in Waterford. Our  strippers go through the same rigorous vetting process as their male counterparts. We are not so much bothered about cup sizes and silicon butts.But we do employ stunning exotic ladies with a high lapdance mileage and leopard like agility. As they perform stage shows , they regularly train and have a walk in wardrobe of fancy costumes.

Never shy, or shy as far as strippers in Ireland go, our  strippers will arrive on time to your chosen venue. With shots, banter and strippers Ireland is the one place you want to be for your bachelor party. Yup that’s a stag  in Yankee language. A lot of stag tourists arrive in Ireland every year and one of the must have experience is a stripagram for a leprechaun. Or a fat lady. Sadly we only provide real strippers that are able to work and licensed to amaze.

We provide venues in Waterford city for our shows upon request, and will confirm your booking via email and whatsapp.

Book now…regret …never!

Male and Female Strippers in Ireland

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