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Male Strippers Offaly: Tullamore Dew and Hens

In the world of our Male Strippers Offaly is associated with style. Then style comes in many forms. But the stylish touch of a rare vintage of Tullamore Dew cannot be easily replaced.

Welcome to the Faithful county … with a heart of triple distilled whiskey, Tullamore Dew. Hen parties and ladies outings in Offaly will need a sip or two of the fiery stuff.  Just to muster the extra courage needed for the show that our professional hen party dancers have concocted. We deliver stripograms from Dublin with passion… and professionalism. You will find our male strippers performing their usual Houdini stuff in front of louder than loud Hen Parties.

In Banagher and Shannonbridge  they become river cruise sailors.. and make the ladies book more Male strippers so that the ship has a full crew.

We can provide driving directions to Offaly and book a venue for your stripogram free of charge. We can also tell you where to find the best Tullamore Dew in the Co Offaly bars.

Book our Male Strippers in Tullamore to bring a storm of senses in the still Shannon waters

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