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Male Strippers Maynooth: a beautiful town with a lot of amazing watering holes

The Dublin Hens, tend to choose Maynooth for their Hen Party for the same reason as the Hunks of Desire. It is indeed a beautiful town with a lot of amazing watering holes. And just an hour’s train journey from Dublin.

Maynooth is a  favorite working destination for our Male strippers mainly because of it’s proximity to our base. On the train to Maynooth our Hunks always bump into the Hen Parties en route. The Hens glance towards their direction and a few brave ones would come up to them and ask : “ Are you dancers, guys ?”

As the honest gentlemen that they are, the answer is simple :

“Yes ! we are Male Strippers and our job is to entertain some of you tonight.” Giggles and banter follows.

After we perform  we get the chance to relax in the Roost or Brady’s Bar and some of our super healthy hunks enjoy a long stroll in the grounds of NUI Maynooth ( amazing architecture by the way).

We invite our Hen Party friends and organisers to give this  somehow less loved destination a try.
Actually don’t forget to book our Male Strippers well in advance.

We also offer a choice of non-Stripping activities from our entourage of uber funny Dwarfs.

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