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Male Strippers Letterkenny: for your dirty hen party

For our Male Strippers Letterkenny is long drive worth the trouble. Donegal offers amazing views of the Atlantic Coastline. Since Bundoran is just around the corner, packing their surfboards is a neccassity.

Letterkenny is the must for the active Hens that want to get down and dirty before their besties’ big night. Hens driving  a Massey Ferguson in the green fields of the Irish countryside? Not a problem. Or maybe extreme adventures like paintball and military course to get the Hen party in a commando mode ? The cold pint of Guinness and the Trad sounds await after. After all the Guiness is amazing in the likes of McGinley’s Bar. In addition a late dance music session in the Voodoo Lounge will get the Hen Party in the mood for …

What else? The Hunks of Desire Show

You definitely want a male stripper of your choice that will live up to your fantasies of the last couple of weeks. Or you could put a special order for two or three  male strippers to make your Hen Crew the center of attention and attract the jealousy of all the other Hen Parties that went for the solo lad option. The lady of honour might skip the Full Monty but our male dancers have it ready for you wrapped and packed with the flag of your choice.

Give us a call or Like us on Instagram and Facebook. Let us know what is your plan and we will be the surprise that never fails to impress.

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