Male Strippers Guide: How to hire Strippers in Ireland

Wannabe Male Strippers in Ireland

… How to spot them and how to avoid them

Male Strippers in Ireland. Yes those divine creatures that adorn every Hen Party in Dublin, Carrick on Shannon or Kilkenny. We all need one ( or two) once the date for the Hen is on our calendar. Naturally, all you ladies want the best of the best. A Full Monty show is not something that you want to mess with. This performance is the final product of years of stripping experience. Therefore Hot Stuff Entertainment and the Male Strippers Association of Ireland strongly oppose the hire of amateurs.

Actually you might say: “What’s the difference? All we want is a good looking fella to take his clothes off for the Bride to Be”. Yes. Exactly. As we are talking about the Bride to Be and her last night as a single lady, we need to be careful. A professional male performer can lift up the whole party. On the other hand an unprofessional performance can make your hen party take a dive. Therefore our Male Strippers in Ireland have come up with a step by step guide on how to avoid the misfortune of the Wannabe Male Strippers.

Booking Male Strippers: Wannabe Telltales

Professional Male Strippers in Ireland work with high profile agencies. They will have professional websites and validated reviews. In the case of the Wannabe Full Monty performers keep an eye for general unprofessional behaviours and most of all about how they look.

Great body with a confident look

A male stripper is a fitfreak. Indeed he has an amazing physique and well defined muscles. At the same time he is not obsessed with the mirror. So beware of guys with muscles that have all of their photos in front of the mirror. Lack of muscles and a beer belly do not belong to a stripper, but to a joker. You might notice profiles of lads in gym wear pulling faces. This is also the behaviour of someone that doesn\’t take the job seriously.  A lean and clean shaved body is also a sign of someone who trains a lot and performs regularly. Hairy chests are the usual giveaway of amateur strippers. And if the front lawn is not trimmed guess how the back garden will look?

Unprofessional Websites or Social Media Profiles with nude photos

Any self respecting stripper agency will not put full frontal nudity online. That is for the live shows. If you get offers from fellas with loads of sketchy videos on Instagram, chances are they are not performers. Watch out for photos with pints in one hand and his g-string in the other. Also photos with his mates, aunties or holiday photos with bad sun tan. If you don\’t see even one professional photo in the whole gallery, chances are he is not professional.

Relaxed and inaccurate phone handling

Just like in our company, the phone lines of professional agencies are manned by experienced agents. If your guy answers the phone with “How are ya?” then better ring a reputable hen agency or stripper agency. Look out for email addresses like bigboyjohny***at**** Anything along those lines means one thing only. “I am here to make a few buck and then go for pints with the lads.”

Really low prices

Wannabe strippers go cheap. As a rule they will 30-40 Eur cheaper than the agencies. But you get what you pay for. And the question remains. Will he even show up?

Really Funny Videos

A Stripogram is not a comedy show. Yes, there is a fun element to it but it has also a strong sensual element. It is first and foremost a dance performance. Then an erotic show. Lastly it has a fun factor in the mix. What happens in the case of wannabes, is that fun comes first. So watch out for very long speeches. And if their dancing resembles the dance of the 7 dwarfs around the Snowwhite then get out of that fairytale.

The Outfits

Professional Strippers have high quality outfits. If the uniforms have come from the Halloween Shop probably you are going to have a Halloween performance. Look for original outfits like real Police and Army uniforms. The shoes are also important. Shined boots are the norm. Showing up in dirty runners is definite no-no.

The underwear

Naturally those that know the male stripper scene, know very well how important the undergarments are. If your stripper shows up in a mankini you are in trouble. Also colorful G-Strings bring the level of the performance down. The latest trend involves high quality branded briefs. D&G, Armani etc. It is the most important piece of clothing as it is the last castle to fall.

The Full Monty Show

A pro goes full monty slowly. He is confident and has style. And most importantly he is not afraid to stand up to attention without the slightest sign of embarrassment. Lads that hide uncomfortably their bit half way through the performance are the ones that have one show in a blue moon. Also lads that do a helicopter with their privates are the ones that you want to avoid. A Full Monty show is not a flashing competition but a tasteful display of nudity.

Post Show Interaction

Pros will stay for a couple of selfies with the girls if they are invited. But then they will bow and make their exit. There are sadly fellas that will overstay their welcome. A pro is there to perform and then he needs to disappear in anonymity. That part of the show keeps the mystery alive. So no mystery no show. Simples.

Stage Shows and Live Performance

Most professional Male Strippers will perform live as part of troupe at some stage. It is the dream of every Male Stripper in Ireland to Full Monty in front of full auditorium of ladies. You know that you are hiring the best Male Strippers in Ireland when you see photos of the performers on stage. If you hire AJ from the Hunks of Desire you are hiring a guaranteed successful Hen Party. He will turn your venue into a Miami Male Strip Club for the duration of the Stripogram.Now compare that with Mike the Junk from the gym next door.

Communication and Confirmation

When you hire a male stripper in Ireland from Hot Stuff Entertainment or any other agency with verified reviews, you will notice the difference straight away. A professional handling of your queries and efficient customer support is on tap at every stage of your journey as a customer. So make sure to get your performance from a reliable and verified source. In the meantime you can check out loads of wannabe strippers on Instagram and laugh at your heart\’s delight.


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