How a Male Strip Show can help you make a fresh start

Women’s Little Christmas in Munster – A Male Strip Show affair

A Male Strip Show is indeed a Women’s Only Affair. Women’s Little Christmas, Mother’s Day and lately the Valentines’ Girls Night out are all events that need to be marked on a lady’s calendar. Oh and let’s not forget the International Women’s day. While not as famous in Ireland, women from the continent love the 8th of March. In the past such events meant that men would cook, clean or bring flowers. These modern days though, things are a bit different. Nothing screams Ladies’ Night more than a Full Monty Show. But they can also bring their LGBT friends with them. Groups like the Hunks of Desire are LGBT friendly. A girl and her gay friends are usually a tight pack. And a male strip show can bring them even closer in their common appreciation of male beauty ( or booty ).

The Complete Beginners Guide to Girls that go to a Male Strip Show

Not everybody’s cup of tea they say… and rightly so. Girls that go to male strip shows have one thing in common. It’s called “notgiveafuckness”. Obviously it is a new word in your dictionary. But if you ladies are worried about what the neighbors will say about you if they see you hugging a Hunk after the show …then better go to the cinema. Or to the local and do whatever you do every weekend.  But be;ow you will find a list of ladies that will appreciate the male beauty at any stage show.

The Free Spirits

Biker girls, models and MUAs, policewomen, nurses, security staff. Generally ladies that have an edge about them. You can\’t put your finger on it but you will feel it once you talk to them. They appreciate a male strip show and will also party like wild amazons on a hunt.

The yummy mummies

These ladies stopped partying due to the arrival of their bundles of joy ( or their personal torturers). But once a male strip show is in town they will fill the venues and their glasses with the speed of Flash Gordon. Baby sitter sorted and heels shined they will walk proud and loud in the venue. Expect cute key holders hanging out of the bag.

The Mad Ones

Ok you all have that one friend whose middle name is some type of hard liquor. You will find them close to the stage fighting anybody who wants to go on the hot seat. Their cheering is present in every show. They usually have a favorite performer whom they stalk on Instagram regularly. They also are well able to tear a t-shirt with one fatal move.

The Quiet Ones

There is a category of ladies that will attend religiously all the male strip shows in their town. At the same time you will find them in a balcony or a quiet corner sipping on a martini. Don\’t be fooled though. They enjoy the show as much as the ladies in the scrum. They just don\’t want to ruin their makeup with baby oil.

The County Girls

Now the ladies of the country side now how to party like no other. The best thing about them is that they will tell you if you are good or you should just quit performing to your face. They tend to bring with them a lasso and a bale of hay so they can handle any misbehaving male strippers

The Drama Queens

You find them anywhere really, but in a male strip show their behavior is comedy gold. Complaining that you didn’t get enough attention when the ratio of performer per audience 1/1000 is just ridiculous. And if you think you are too god for such shows then stay home and watch Magic Mike.

The Hen Parties

Hen parties in Ireland regularly attend such stage shows and beg the groups manager to put their bride on the hot seat. A hen party is not complete without that pilgrimage to a strip show. You will find them seated centrally in a big huddle and doing shots during the intervals.

The Birthday Girls

Whenever a Male dancing crew is in town, you will find that ladies will be looking to see whose birthday it is around that date. They will have a great laugh trying to get the young lady on stage. If she does make it they will do their best to support her by posting videos of her on Facebook and showing them to her boyfriend.

The Granny Brigade

Not the majority of the audience by any means, but a strong and vocal minority indeed. Actually they would be the ones asking the dancers things like “Jaysus aren’t ye cold up there”. They are also known for throwing on stage double padded bras confusing a strip show with a Joe Dolan (RIP) concert.

The International Girls

Ireland is home a to a great community of women from all over the world. Ladies from Poland and the ex-Soviet Union regularly come to the shows of the Hunks of Desire and are known for their high tolerance to vodka. They get on well with everyone and their dress code is a bit on the shiny side. Expect shorter mini skirts, fish net tights and a more reserved attitude.

The First Timers

The girls that go to a strip show for the very first time tend to be quiet or ..not. You really can’t tell. One could think that Mary is quietly watching the show and she will stay that way. Then her favorite stripper goes on stage. Next thing you know she steals the fireman uniform and hides in the bathroom for the next half an hour sending selfies on snap chat. Generally ladies that go to strip shows tend to decide that a follow up is good idea. There are always those that expect a circus instead of a professional show.  For them there is always Tom Duffy\’s.

The Posh Ladies

Now you might not find a big crowd of them but you will defo find a few. It is not exactly a night at the Galway Races or Catwalk Extravaganza event. It a strip show and many from the upper crust will frown upon such practices. But at the end of day the need for fun overcomes the need for status. On the hot seat all women are the same. Size doesn’t matter, wallet size doesn’t matter.

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