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Why Kilkenny Strippers & Stags kick ass

Kilkenny Strippers recommend

A timeless Stag Party destination

All the Stag Parties that have partied in Kilkenny will swear that they had the best time of their lives. Obviously, the Kilkenny Strippers were always a welcome addition to the Stag Parties in Kilkenny. When it comes to deciding on a stag party location you need to take a few things into account. How far is it from your hometown? Is the location stag friendly? How are the prices? Accommodation arrangements are also very important. If the majority of the accommodation choices are hotels and B&Bs then you will be left short beer money. Eventually you need a location with friendly streets that are walkable even when you lads have had more that your fill of Smithwicks. Naturally Kilkenny offers a good mix of all the above. And last but not least how about Strippers Kilkenny is famous for.

Our Kilkenny Strippers will give you a few tips about when is the best time to visit Kilkenny on a Stag. Also they have a few secrets to share with you.

The Kilkenny Strippers Guide to the Marble City 

Since it is a mere 90 min drive from Dublin , Kilkenny offers an ideal location in the heart of Ireland. Public transprot options are good too with Irish Rail and the always late Bus Eireann covering the distance in less than 2 hours. The warmer months in Ireland are August and July. But there is no guarantee of sunshine. It the sun is shining make sure to visit the Kells Priory, Jerpoint Park , Jerpoint Abbey, Kilfane Waterfall & Glen and the Michelin Starred  Mount Juliet Estate. 

But Kilkenny is brilliant during the winter months too. Thankfully, Kilkenny has a lot to offer indoors.  The Medieval mile is full of interesting places to eat and drink. Make sure to visit the Parting Door and The Pembroke Hotel. If you are going all out and want to flash the cash then any hotels close to the Kilkenny Castle will be worth the extra buck.  Kilkenny is not cheap during these months though. Even a hostel will set you back from €40-€60 per night.

The Kilkenny Strippers recommend the options of AirBnB or rented apartments which can accomodate more than originally booked. Just don\’t get caught sneaking in more than one stag at a time.  You can also choose to get a cottage around Kilkenny. Especially if you plan to explore the surrounding countryside. As Kilkenny is easily covered by a leisurely 30 min walk or a 5 hour pub crawl you can invest a Saturday Night. Which means that Sunday you can go cycling or trekking around the likes of Brandon hill or take the Nore Valley paths to the wilderness.

Festivals Kilkenny Strippers Recommend

Definitely the Kilkenny Cats Laughs Festival held around end of May and the Beginning of June. Loads of comedians from all over the world and local funny guys display their tricks. Ideal for any fun lovin criminals.. sorry we mean stags. The AKA Alternative Kilkenny Arts Festival is on this August Bank Holiday Weekend with loads of music and a free city tour from Shenanigans.

Also the Crafts Beer Festival during the end of June. As a matter of fact any time the Kilkenny Hurling Team plays at home you are in for a treat. It doesn\’t matter if you are a GAA fan or a complete GAA newbie. Hurling is one of the fastest games in the world and leaves the audiences with their mouths wide open. The Kilkenny Strippers have a few stories to tell about the GAA lads and their shenanigans. But forget about that. Proper Ladies never tell tales.

Party all night long with the Kilkenny Strippers

Kilkenny used to a be pretty rough up to the nineties. No word of a joke, according to the locals it was like the Far Far West after 11pm. Nowadays, Kilkenny is a very tidy and well behaved city. You can start your journey with a tour of the Smithwicks brewery where actors dressed as monks will make you drink beer. That sounds like a stag cliche ( brewery tour ha!) but it is really good fun. Actually smithwicks is the oldest beer in Ireland. Indeed a package well worth your pennies. Then you will be spoilt for choice with the collection of pubs on John St. You could start from the Left Bank then on to the An Puc Fada, Matt The Millers, Biddy Early\’s, and finishing up in to Langtons.

All these watering holes are stag friendly and a bit on the messy side of town. It really depends on how you behave though. If you are dressed like a penis and also behave like one, chances are you will not be let in the likes on Langtons, especially when the club opens.

So our Kilkenny Strippers recommend that you lose the rabbit onesies and mankinis before you try to get into a club. Another strategy is to break up in groups of 2 and 3 in order not to be spotted from the anti-stag doormen. Quieter nice spots would be: Syd Harkins, Tynan\’s, The Dylan, Bridies. The Kilkenny Strippers can also recommend you a few pubs that will provide a private area for the famous fully nude show of our ladies. Some Stag friendly venues will also throw in a few shots for free if you are generous on the first round.

Kilkenny Castle and Kyteler’s Inn

On a Sunday midday you can nurse your hangover in the Kyteler’s Inn. This pub has an interesting history. It belonged to Lady Alice Kyteler who was tried as witch. So magic steaks and Sunday roast will cure your spell of hangover in a jiffy. Then you can get lost in the Kilkenny Castle if you want to save a few pennies on the guided tour.  The Kilkenny Strippers also recommend the newly built Medieval Mile museum for those who can handle a bit of history. The Kilkenny Design store which has its base in the Marble City offers a treasure of artifacts from Irish made pottery to Venetian glass. Get your credit card ready for the future newly weds!

Kilkenny Strippers for a special Stag Night

Yes, when you are on a Stag you need to get the Strippers in Kilkenny to come and save the day ( or the night). Dressed in fancy outfits they will lift the mood of the stag party and drop all their bits on the floor for you. The Stag will be like a pig in …Well you know what pigs like. So get on the phone and book the Strippers in Kilkenny as soon as possible. As the city is buzzing with stags last minute decisions may lead to just more beer and no booty.

Hot Stuff Entertainment will make sure that all the special ladies that you desire are on time. The company also is the strongest player in the Live Entertainment Industry with amazing exotic dancers on their list. Some  Kilkenny venues know the exotic dancers by their nicknames and will sort out the space for the show with professional discretion. And don’t be surprised if the barman arranges a stripper performance for you there and then.

Kilkenny Strippers guide on getting laid on your Kilkenny Stag

After covering the beer, the grub and the sightseeing, there is that question in every single stags mind. “Now that the fecker is a husband to be, how to we get a bit of action”. So the lads will “stay up all night to get lucky” as the song says. On the other hand they can listen to a few tips from the nighttime wisdom of the Kilkenny Strippers. The trick is to tip the strippers… no… not really but that is a good practice in itself. Kilkenny is also a hot Hen Party destination. So the chances of picking up a bit of late night romance are close to the chances of catching fish in a barrel.

It is a small city with most of the action happening in about 50 bars, each 5 mins walk from one another. Single lads and lasses will have the opportunity to exchange glances, heart warming stories and more often than not, bodily fluids. First and foremost you need to spot the ladies that are out on the hunt. They tend to stand a bit further away from the big hen huddle. Speak to the lady of your interest.  A casual chit chat about everything and nothing is a good way to start. Then pop the question. Show no fear. You are on a stag and asking a possible one night stand if they are into one night stands is not a crime.

Stay clear off the local ladies. Shotgun weddings still happen around the countryside of Ireland. On the other hand you might be singing “we found love in a haystack” on your wedding to a Kilkenny lass. In any case, always use protection, and by that we don’t mean a builder’s hard hat.

The Kilkenny Strippers bear no responsibility if you use apply their advice on your sensitive areas and experience a state of sheer stupidity for the duration of your stag weekend in Kilkenny.


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