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Irish Male Strippers vs Latino Male Strippers

Irish Male Strippers vs UK Male Strippers

The Saga of Male Strippers in Ireland is pretty tame compared to the drama of their peers in other continents. Irish Male Strippers are a recent phenomenon. While the rest of world had developed spectacular male strip shows, Ireland still had GAA players as their Male gods of the season. Not that the GAA lads are lagging behind in physique and looks. The fair men of the Celtic Gene, have always had the attention of the female audience. Think Liam Neeson, Colins Farrell and Graham Norton. Ok. Forget about the last one. At the same time Ireland has become a multicultural and multinational country during the last 10 years. Performers from Italy, Spain, the Latin America and Eastern Europe have made Dublin their second home.

What about the UK  Male Strippers? Well, with the likes of Adonis and Dreamboyz dominating the stages in England, the male stripper scene is almost overpopulated. There are agencies, venues and a whole network that makes the life of a male stripper in the UK easier. At the same time the audiences in the UK are more demanding. The English Male strippers maintain a high public profile with their member appearing on live TV and the front pages of the tabloids regularly. It could be because the audiences are more used to the idea of male strippers, or simply because the numbers are higher. In any case, the UK Male strippers are a classic feature in the show biz scene of the country.

Tame Strippers or Full Monty Monsters 

When you try to describe Irish Male Strippers, you can get a bit lost. First of all, in Ireland, the scene is quite secretive. Male Strippers work usually with Hen Party companies, or as independent private dancers for hire. Ireland has just a couple of names that are appear regularly on the billboards. The Chain Gang, which is a tame version of  Magic Mike, and the Hunks of Desire. The latter are the only Irish Male strippers that have hit Europe a few good times. The Chain Gang doesn’t feature a Full Monty Show, which makes their shows ideal for a mother and daughter night out. You can safely bring along the Granny and her sister who might as well be a nun.

The Hunks of Desire, are younger bolder and Full Monty. Their appearances on the International Scene have given them the confidence to perform in front of bigger audiences and also their program is quite diverse. They combine 70\’s classics with reggaeton, policeman outfits with Fifty Shades of Gray. In other words, their show is a fusion of styles and personas. Actually, it reflects the international make up of the group and the multicultural nature of the dance scene in Ireland.

Each group of performers has favorite themes when it comes to concept and music. While the UK Male Strippers stick to classic themes, their Irish Counterparts bring on board different styles of dancing and music. This is mainly due to the fact that the UK crews are made up of English performers. Most of them were born ( or raised) in England. As a consequence they probably went to the same gyms, have common musical influences and styles. The Irish Male Strippers are not afraid to venture into new territories when it come to dancing and performance styles. While they might not have the support network that is available in the UK, they have stamina and innovation.

Attitude wins or looses a show

One of the most definitive aspects that the audience enjoys in an Irish Male Strip Show is the relaxed attitude of the Male Strippers here. In the UK, the style and general behavior of the performers is akin to those of movie stars. While some of them might become movie stars in the future, they are not sitting on that throne yet. Thus, the UK Male strippers put on good shows, but their stage is too far from the audience. That is meant in a literate and metaphorical way. The Irish Male Strippers are much more approachable and if we may say so, human. The ladies that go to Male Strip Shows do enjoy a good performance, but at the same time they love being able to interact with the guys, at no premium ticket costs. Thus the Irish Male Stripping scene is one that can offer not only a good show but also a feel good experience.

As the Hunks of Desire put it ” The ladies are our official sponsors”

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