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Strippers in Ireland: 10 Must have items on the road

The survival kit of the Strippers in Ireland

Strippers in Ireland have managed to make a big leap forward. The quality of their shows was the key factor behind the rise in the popularity of stripping in Ireland. As it was not a mainstream activity up to 10 years ago, they had to work twice as hard to persuade the public about their worth. Obviously a pair of amazing assets does help. So does a stunning physique. But the devil is in the detail. The Strippers in Ireland had to adapt their show to the \”craic\” of the clientele and well… the weather.

So what makes a Stripper in Ireland a pro ?

A Stripper in Ireland is an Exotic Dancer that provides sensual choreographed shows for audiences in Stag Parties, Birthday Parties and Corporate Events. While most audiences tend to be male, mixed crowds and ladies that like ladies also enjoy the performances. They are gorgeous women and fine dancers and acrobats, and above all Show Girls!

As it turns out, the success of the strip shows on a night out stripping in Ireland depends on many things. But most importantly it depends on that list of must have items.

And here is what  the ladies stripping nationwide hold in their sack of secrets.

A great bra for a greater Stripper

As this part of their body will be doing a lot of hard work, the wobbly bits deserve royal treatment. You can\’t put a pair of boobs that are worth a fortune in a Penneys bra. Strippers in Ireland invest a lot in their bra. It has to be comfortable and light and be able to produce a well defined v-line. As a lot of the exotic dancers have gone plastic, comfort and style have to go hand in hand. You will also find a second bra handy in their back pack.


Strippers in Ireland do not have the issue that most of their colleagues in sunny countries have. Nevertheless, stripping is dancing and dancing produces sweat. A professional stripper does not douse herself with a strong perfume. That is the trademark of an amateur.  A good alcohol free deodorant is one of the most precious must haves in the stripping industry. Research has shown that light fragrances will remind the guys of fresh linen. A trip down the memory lane is ensued. Just like the time when your mother made your bed. Such small details make men more friendly towards the show and more generous. Yes, yes …evil strippers making tips but hey! If you compare any stripper to your bank manager you find out that the girls are little angels.

A second pair of stilettos

Stripper heels are an item that dancers rely on for confidence and those extra inches of height. In the Ancient Greek Tragedy the actors used the same high heeled sandals to give an imposing presence on stage. Nothing worse for a Show Girl than a broken heel. That\’s why most dancers will carry a second pair of those head turning tools in their goodie bag. So an ancient trick that never went old deserves a special mention.

A couple of spare G-strings

The G-String is the standard uniform of the Strippers all over the world. As the Irish weather is not exactly like the Bahamas, strippers in Ireland go for more sturdy designs. Cotton is the preferred fabric and black is the colour of their favourite G-String. The Stripper string is easily removed and the wardrobe malfunctions are ample. For that reason the ladies always have a couple of spares. They work well for blind folding the stag too. Just make sure that the bride to be doesn\’t find such Stag Party Souvenirs.

A few pairs of thigh garters

These garters tend to adorn the well formed muscles of the ladies stripping through the night. They are an important accessory for all types of outfits. Color coordination does matter in the stripping industry, and each pair of garters has its matching uniform. A nurse uniform with red garters, a dominatrix uniform with black ones. The most important function is not an obvious one. They work as money holders and tip collection points. When the last piece of clothing has gone flying into outer space, the garters will be collecting the hard earned tips.

A boob tube

Actually this item is mostly associated with young ladies attending their very first parties. But the classic boob tube is one of the most comfortable places to rest a pair of tired titties. Strippers in Ireland prefer them to normal tops, as they also absorb any extra make up. There is no point in messing up a top with your boob makeup if a boob tube is at hand. It can also be handy item to have if a last minute show comes up and a cheerleader routine is fit for purpose. Expect to see Strippers wearing a boob tube between shows.

An army style poncho

This type of poncho covers the whole body and it is more like a tent for one. Sexy ? No! On the other hand it is an extremely useful item if the strippers have to walk from one bar to another in the middle of the Irish rain. Having to fix the hair and adjust the makeup from scratch is a pain in the back side. This item takes very little space if rolled properly and can save a stripper money and time. Also handy as an impromptu uniform for an army or hunter stag.

A hair dryer

This is an item that only Strippers in Ireland will have with them all the time. Useful for drying hair and not only. As some stag  parties are messy, having to dry on  outfit from some accidental spillage is quite normal in this line of business.

Baby oil

Always useful on stage. Any maneuvers that lead to skin friction require baby oil. You get the drift. We say no more.

A pair of leggings

Especially handy during the cold days of winter. Leggings win over other types of comfy wear as they require very little storage and are a stylish option if the girls want to go for a late night drink after work. A pair of legging and a leather jacket and you are sorted. Not to mention the fact that they compliment the extremely well formed thighs of the dancing girls.

So when you hire a stripper in Ireland, you don’t hire just a nude show. You hire style and a well prepared professional that will also be able to amaze you and your guests. Strippers in Ireland are like chilli in Thai Cuisine, you think you will burn when you look at it. Then you taste and it is actually way hotter than you thought. You love it all the same though.

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