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Galway Strippers: Celebrating your victory in style

This August Bank Holiday, Ballybrit and whole of Galway will wear the celebratory colors of the Galway Races. As the tradition has it some will take a helicopter ride to the grounds of fame and money. Some Galway Strippers already own a seat in one of those €250 return air rides. On the other hand most of the ordinary Joes will drive through the traffic hell of Galway City. Eventually they will all reach the place where they will lose most of their hard earned pennies.

Nevertheless, The Galway Races is the longest racing festival in Ireland. As such it gives every little fecker the opportunity to get beer, get rich, go broke or hire strippers in Galway. Naturally a big wing like the Tote 10/1 that paid off some lucky punter today will mean a few fine things are in order. Cuban Cigars, French champagne and Galway Strippers for himself and his crew.

A bit of Galway Racing History

As you might have suspected, the Galway Races started as a way to keep the gentry of our former imperial masters entertained. The mastermind behind this event was no other than Lord St. Lawrence Viscount of Howth and MP for Galway at the time. His family managed to keep the estates ( nearly half of the Howth Peninsula) and the Castle of Howth even after the Irish Revolution. Today his descendants still live in the same castle that Grainne O’ Malley the Galway Pirate Queen had unsuccessfully attempted to visit .

So the year was 1864 and loads of poor Paddies walked, rode and camped around Eyre Square. Actually they flocked to Galway to watch people that had stolen their lad and starved them to death about 15 years ago. And we bet our stripper heels that there were some Victorian Galway Strippers gently removing their corsets for the gentry. Then we jump fast forward to 1979 when Pope John Paul II visited Ballybrit and the Galway races. Apparently 280,000 came to see the man in white robes. The entourage included 77 concelebrants, 200,000 communicants with 800 priests and 4000 Stewards. They gave communion and then the Pope won a 20/1 bet on a racing donkey and a jockey call Jesus. After that he exclaimed “Young people of Ireland, I love you!”. And all the grannies went wild.

Stags Parties, Hens Parties and Galway Strippers

The races give the perfect opportunity to all the lads and lasses that want to celebrate a Stag Party or Hen Party in style. If your best friend is getting married around mid August or early September a few things are for certain. First if you have children you will need a rock solid babysitter. Second you will spend a fortune on accommodation as Galway is more expensive than Las Vegas during the races. Third if you are thinking of getting strippers for your stag or a male stripper for your bride-to-be you need to book early. There a lot of of Yanks that will spend enough to build a homeless hostel in a day. So the Galway Races are not a cheap affair. But !

The atmosphere is electric in Galway. Also the punters go wild and the ladies dress up in styles that you see on the New York and Milan catwalks. The beer is flowing and this year Paddy Power decided to fuel the whole crowd with “The Cure”. Actually it’s not what we thought and what you are thinking. Just plain water to keep the punters hydrated. The Galway Strippers will also give away free baby oil. Just enough to keep happy all the lads that like a bit of rubbing during the strippograms. Also for the hens the male strippers of Hot Stuff Entertainment will give away free cans of cream for the hens with sweet tooth. Not the whole can of course. Just a naughty portion at a time 😉

Galway Strippers for Stag Parties

Why go to the Galway Races on your Stag? Well everybody will be there. The rich and the famous and their paparazzi. Then the farmers, the builders, the lads that drink once every 6 months. Yes that\’s entertainment. Watching all the office Joes drinking the Guiness factory drive with no prior pint training. And the Galway Strippers of course. Then the week long festival features some of the most prominent names in the music industry. There will be dancing and flirting and betting. Isn’t it amazing that all your friends will become betting experts with the massive budget of a couple of hundred yoyos in their pocket. Furthermore all the companies that want instant exposure will be there. You will come back with loads of useless free samples. Anything from USB key rings that the banks and mortgage vultures will hand out to samples of hair gel. On serious note, this is the most successful networking event in Ireland. If you want to do business, go to the races. And combining all the above with a Stag Party in Galway it is a blessing.

Male Strippers Galway for Hen Parties in Galway

Fashion and the Galway Races go hand in hand. So if you want to go for that Best Dressed Award on the Thursday of the races you might want to forget about paying that mortgage instalment. But hey! If you and the girlies have decided to go all out a competition is the best thing you could do. But if you are not the chosen one among the ladies that done fancy hats and fancier two piece creations, there is always the comfort of a Full Monty show.

The Galway Races are on as we speak! So hurry up and arrange the weekend of a lifetime. The Galway Strippers are eager to help you make it an unforgettable memory or a weekend you will never speak about. It all depends on your intelligence.


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