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Full Monty Rules: Male Strippers share their wisdom

The Full Monty: Male Strippers Version !

As we move to the 22nd Century you will see many things change. As a matter of fact some of the key elements of our human experince have already changed dramatically. Money has changed and so have social values. Our way of mating has changed and the food is definitely not what it used to be even 10 years ago. But there are a few things that will remain the same. One of the things that has remained unadulterated is dancing… nude dancing. We would like to bring to your wise attention…The Full Monty Show! It would not be the very first thing that would pop into one\’s mind, for sure. But it is there and it is bare and beautiful.

Male Strippers are the the Full Monty experts in the same way Napolitan are the pizza experts or Irish people are Guinness. So there is no one better to ask when it comes to this underreported activity of male behaviour.

A bit of Male Stripper History

The male strippers did not reach a celebrity status from the very beginning. Actually male dancers performing in the nip were an integral part of ancient rites from Egypt to Ancient Greece and Rome. But they didn\’t get paid for showing off their beauty. Apparently the Goddesses from whom they performed favoured them. But that\’s about it.

The paid male strip shows first appeared in the US as a sidekick for the already famous strip shows of Vegas and Miami. Mostly in smaller bars and aimed at the boys rather than the girls, these male strippers were something between a private dancer and an underwear model. It was the movie world that brought them to the forefront. From the first male lap dance scenes in the Chick flicks of the 80s and 90s to the Magic Mike Series. Each movie added a bit more to the saga of the Full Monty. But it was one movie that brought the term Full Monty to the forefront. The story of a bunch of unemployed English lads showing their willies for a good cause, touched the hearts of the audience. And for the record there was very little nudity involved. After that movie the phrase \”Full Monty\” ended up meaning one thing only.

What is the Full Monty in real life?

The Full Monty show that is performed by male strippers in Ireland (or anywhere in the world for that matter) is a bit more sensual. Definitely it involves the dancer standing stark naked in front of the audience. Hen Party goers will tell you of their Full Monty Experiences. Some are more funny than sensual. Some are just tasteless. As a rule, most male strippers follow a strict etiquette to make sure that the show is Full Monty, but also as much fun and as entertaining as the movies that inspired its name.

First of all, the male strippers will prepare for the show. The uniform and the act that they choose determines the progress of the finale. So if a policeman uniform come out of the wardrobe then the performance will involve a finale of a man, his baton and his other baton. A sword in hand will need a step forward and the muscle forward too. There are a few styles in the Full Monty shows but the most common ones are:

The Sneaky Peak Monty

Here the male stripper will perform a lapdance and a few acrobatic tricks. Lift the lady in the air, deliver a backflip, dance body to body with her. Then he will remove his undergarments to leave his bare front exposed for a few seconds. Usually a flag is handy to cover the special bits. There are cases that the word shy is completely missing from the dictionary of the audience. In such cases the Hen Party will leave with the flag and the Male Strippers will struggle to recover the rest of the uniform.

The Brave Salute

Quite the opposite to 10 ten second guest appearance this Full Monty Finale is all about showing all the muscles in full display. This happens usually after the Hen Party has displayed unforeseen levels of naughtiness and has stolen the male stripper\’s belongings. Left with no other option the performer make a last dignified stand to please the Hen Party.

The surprise maneuver

In this occasion the Hen is blindfolded. Towards the end of the performance another lady removes the blindfold. As a consequence the lady of honour is face to face with the bare truth. This routine works best when the hen is standing at waist level. Or the stripper is standing on the hot seat.

Rules of Engagement

Just to be clear. The level of nudity is always verified at the time of the booking. Professional Agencies will make sure that their male strippers know who they perform for. Furthermore they a good few unwritten rules about the male strip shows.

No touchy touchy

Just because all the muscles are in full view that doesn’t mean that the Hens have the right to examine every single one of them. So if the ladies are too persistent the performers will finish early. Your loss ladies.

No Silly Selfies

Taking selfies during the performance is ok. Stopping the performance for selfies is not.

No pinching or scratching

At times the Hens try to use the Male Strippers as stress relief therapy. When this happens the performer will stop the show. Obviously he will need some medical attention. That\’s why the male strippers carry a first aid box at all times.

No Inappropriate proposals

Nope. You can’t take him home. And nope he can\’t come to your hotel room. He has Hen parties to go to, Hens to see, Full Monties to perform. Get the drift?


The stage performance for The Full Monty movie is actually going to be live in the Gaiety Theatre  from the 1st to the 6th of October. We expect to be a brilliant theatrical show but as tame as sheep in the winter.

” The Full Monty” expression is a reference to the supply of ‘demob’ suits for discharged soldiers, supplied by the British tailors Montague Burton. Those acquiring the aforementioned suits would be promised the chance to walk proudly into civilian life in the full monty. How an expression that meant fully clothed ended up being used for a performance that has not an inch of cloth on is still a mystery.


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