Topless Waitress ….the beer is nice too

Why hire a Topless Waitress ? Simply because the beer tastes better when two pairs of jugs are around. A Topless Waitress is the kind of hostess and waitress that you want for a lads party.

Our female strippers have also other skills. They can pour a perfect pint of Guinness and prepare for you a B52 or a “Sex on the Beach”. A topless waitress adds to the style of a party and prepares you mentally for the night ahead.

Topless Waitress Sexy Stripper
Jugs or Pitchers.. we got them both

We can offer you a list of cocktails that our multitalented Ladies, such as :

  1. Anus Burner
  2. Angel’s Tit
  3. Red Head Slut ……
  4. you get the drift……….


When you guest arrive our Exotic Hostess will meet and greet with a smile on her lips  and some obligatory top based nudity. She will prepare and serve drinks and get the party going.

By the end of an hour of entertainment you will feel ready to storm the pubs and the clubs like lions on feast.

If you want, we can also arrange for special kissogram or stripogram to be the added bonus.

We are sure the guest of honour will appreciate it !