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Strippers Wicklow: mountains and Fairies

For our Strippers Wicklow means the Wicklow mountains trail and St. Kevin’s way. A long trek, asking for a sumptuous feast in one of the many fine dining restaurants. The Stags should follow their example.

Wicklow town has got on board the Stag and Hen train. Indeed, every 5star hotel will make sure that the male bonding activities match the groups of revellers that hit this gem of a location. The lads on a mission might be  up for some Archery lessons in the Avon Ri. Obviously, a successful Stag Party knows that they have hit bull’s eye when they get a booking with our female strippers. We will send you the photos in advance, but fret not, there is more to come. Music and dance have been the yin and yang of every sensual journey. So our advice to the Stag is to sit back and try not to make a fool of himself.

Our female strippers will enter your life discretely. Then wreak havoc with their gymnastic abilities. Our female strippers have trained on very slippery poles and know how to make a room gasp with fear for the sanity of the Stag.

Book our female strippers to reach a dazed and confused state of mind.

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