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Strippers Wexford: The sunny side of the Stags

Strippers Wexford are here to please the crowds. Wexford has become the ideal spot for a seaside stag party. You may want to travel to Wexford for the high quality seafood . At the same  time you could explore the beauty of Tinturn Forest and pick mushrooms in September.  Our Wexford Strippers can confirm that whatever your plans may be this part of Ireland is full of surprises. Since your night will involve bar hopping and galivanting we will make sure that your sensual break is the highlight of your Stag Party.

Wexford and County will mesmerise any random sailor. If you are ever  to become a castaway out on these rugged shores of the Irish Sea, Wexford is the place to be. Stags and sailors alike are aware that Wexford has been voted the friendliest town in Ireland. The local pubs will welocome you, but you also need to be well behaved. Just give Hot Stuff Entertainment a call and we will direct you to the most Stag friendly watering holes in Wexford. 

Kilmore Quay is a fishing village with lines of restaurants that send mouthwatering perfumes in the air. This spot just outside Wexford is a place that both our female strippers and their audience find simply too good to be true. But our Wexford strippers will have to make sure that such indulgence doesn’t clash with their regimented lifestyle. After all, doing a backflip on 4 inch stilettos needs rigorous training. Our female strippers will show you the tricks…but they will have to charge.  The show is full of displays of nude art and our female strippers are both  models and  creators….

Book our female strippers for the quaint shores of Wexford … and watch your emotions reach out for the Xanax box.

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