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Strippers Westport: Waves and motorboats

Westport has built its reputation as the culinary paradise on the  Wild Atlantic Way. Indeed in Westport  restaurants  bring the flavors of the world to your taste buds. Naturally the local specialities revolve around  freshly caught Atlantic Seafood. Such a bonanza of choices is going to impress even the most demanding Stag Parties. Our Westport strippers are known to make heads turn. In this part of Mayo, you will not find Sam Maguire. But you will find a ton of splendid booty from around the world. The country side attracts party heads and performers alike. Not only because their looks and the bodies never fail to impress. But also because our friendly restaurateurs would save the best table for them.

Our female strippers will leave their uniform in the hotel, even though some cheeky chefs would lend their apron for the obligatory selfie. But before all that our female strippers will take the Stags on a 5 song journey where they will make them sweat and sigh.And they will shake, shake, shake those….. amazing hills of Westport with their thundery performance. Our female stripper will deliver their kissograms with finesse and then leave the room, and behind, a gap that no other woman can fill.

Strippers are your go-to solution in Westport

You might have though of a ton of activities when you were planning the stag. Since the inception of Stag parties, there have always been strippers on the menu. Once you face the reality of a night out in Westport strippers pop to mind. As most of the lads have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the group might want to do, sometimes people just forget about the Groom. Obviously it is his last night as a single man. At least officially. So if you have forgotten about your no 1 priority, with our Strippers Westport will provide that moment in time for some naughty shenanigans in the Garavogue.

No place is too far for our Female Strippers and Westport one of their faves.

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