Strippers Portlaoise: In the woods with beauties

For most Strippers Portlaoise is a lost cause. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t cover this sleepy gorgeous town.

Portlaoise is a place where life has a slower pace. The Stag parties arriving here, do add a lively note to the bars. Our Female Stripper have a liking for the posh hotels, and the amazing food in the open markets. The countryside can offer amazing spots such as the Heywood Gardens in Balinakill, but I know for a fact that the lads might spend most of their time between the Portlaoise Casino and Ryan’s Bar. Our female strippers know that these Stag parties need a bit of acceleration;so they pack costumes and freshly whipped cream to get some art into these pint lifting championships.

Our Female strippers have mastered the craft of managing to separate a Stag from his pint. The rest is easy. The female strippers say: jump…. and the lads respond: how high?

(Book a Female stripper for Portlaoise as there is nothing better to do there..unless you are into gardening.)

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