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Strippers Kilkenny: The marble city with marbled bodies

Count on your Strippers Kilkenny you beauty. With 5 star hotels and pampering sessions are The thing for the Hen Parties in Kilkenny. And if you got Hens you bring in the Stags like the bees to the hive. The noise of the hive is what our Female Strippers get when they reach this land of blooming gardens and Stag nights with drink money to fund a county. Juggling 3 or 4 Stag dos in one pub is the challenge that our Female strippers face. And they manage it with grace. They win the hearts of the lads with their natural assets and the professionista female strippers will make your stag regret that he bent down the knee. Don’t worry … dear Ladies of Kilkenny, our Female Strippers are here to fuel the imagination of men  but their heart has an ice armour.

For the arty lads a nude  painting session in the spring light. Just so that the curves show off nicely. And for the romantic lads the city has  the blooming garden of Eve to soothe the eyes.  For the rest ….miles of tequila shots will do the trick.

Book our female strippers Kilkenny. For our exotic dancers a chocolate drizzled lesbian duet is a piece of cake.

Call and taste the honey .

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