The Kingdom… where female strippers are Queens

Strippers Kerry: The Ring of bootylicious adventures

Strippers Kerry are your official guides to the dim lit bars of this Royal County. The ring of Kerry has already a healthy population of red deer. So it is in these majestic forests that our Stag Parties roam the mountains and lakes. And of course consume more beer than the locals..and that is an achievement.

Tralee knows how to party and the fearless Kerry women will take no BS from anybody. In line with the independent spirit of the Kerry beures our female strippers know how to keep a stag party in line.  For the lads that stag the hell out of the ring of Kerry, we have a spicy but sweet selection. A bountiful of kissograms delivered in original costumes from our Royal Female Strippers. We also have custom tailored skin deep shows. Yes the kind that will make you wonder why you haven’t booked a female strippers for a casual weekend.

Make a the ring of Kerry the ring of  lust… with female strippers from all over the world delivered to the comfort of your temporary address.

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