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Galway Strippers – Once more, with passion!

Galway Strippers are arty ladies.  For our strippers Galway offers plenty a chance to make money and friends. They can also loose friends in the process of all night partying. The city has a booming burlesque scene, which is ideal for strippers to do all kinds of erotic performances without having to travel to Dublin. Indeed in Galway everybody walks slower and smiles more often than in Dublin. It is mainly the relaxed attitude of the locals that has made striptease a standard feature of the nightlife in Galway. When it comes to a good Stag Party, the city of the Tribes knows how to throw a party.

Looking for Strippers in Galway?

In that case you will find an amazing quality of fully nude stripograms and arty tittie diplays . The striptease scene in Galway has everything a group of lads is looking for:

  1. Venues have no problem with strippers. Hot Stuff Entertainment will even book the venue for you.
  2. Strippers in Galway are all trained professionals. No more dodgy milfs with saggy bags. The ladies of strip.ie will make you blush and take all your money. Just joking, there is a once off fee really. If you like her, tip her.
  3. With strip.ie covering the whole of Co. Galway, including the hills of Connemara, everything runs like a well oiled machine…pun intended.
  4. There endless types of shows that will make your Stag fear for his life. Can you hear the whip cracking?

What do strippers in Galway do on their free-time?

But Stripper have full life that includes not only taking off the policewoman or nurse uniform. In Galway Strippers can be found in the city clubs, as go-go dancers that make the crowd go wild. They can easily switch from professional dancing to classic lap dancing in a jiffy. Naturally they adorn the private areas of the likes of  Coyotes bar. The latter is top hangout for  the Stags and Birthday boys.

They are also strippers that swim and surf. Or just spend time eating delicate dishes and model for the painters of this city of culture.

Stag party Galway – Make your groom cancel the wedding

The Stag party tour does involve a trip in the “Wesht”. The Connemara with the Gaelic tongue and the whiskey in the jars is here to stay. Not only as a day trip but also as a life changing experience. Then you have the Wild Atlantic way part of Galway. It is wild. It has waves that scare seamen. Do they scare drunk stags though? Debatable.

Back to Galway with Strippers & shots

The heart of the city is where the lads will have a decent laugh in the Clubh Comedy Club. Actually they will definitely try as many of the many trendy bars in the area as they humanly can. But then Guinness gives you strength to move those shaky feet. When it comes to their search for the next naked model the party boys will always be lucky. 

What do I get for my birthday?

This is a very good question if you are just turning 21. Yes the young fellas will get memory to last a lifetime. Birthday party strippers in Galway make the candle flames tremble. It doesn’t matter if your party is tame or not, once the ladies arrive the word tame will be found only in dicktionary. Our Female Strippers arrive in Galway in order to combine their professional schedule of sweet and spicy kissograms with their artistic performances in the likes of the Fringe Festival. The burlesque performances are not for every Stag though. A classic Vegas butt-in-face stripogram is what every groom-to-be secretly been wishes for. On the other hand the loyal fans of our female strippers , will follow their sensual parade of curves, moves and charm in the spotlights of Galway Theatres.

When thongs fly high a star is born

The ladies know how to make heads turn in the Latin quarter, beating to dust the local booty competition. As dancers they have worn out their dancing shoes in many salsa nights alongside their male colleagues. The Stags will be humiliated if they bring any objections to the striptease routine that our female strippers have in store for them. But hey, marriage sometimes is a long string of daily humiliation so why not let our professional female strippers do the honours. And when they go for a leisurely stroll around Eyre Square, the medieval beauty of the city compliments the style and shape of our female strippers.

Book our  Galway Strippers for Stags, Birthday and Corporate parties. Or just because you had enough of Pornhub and want some real quality for your imagination.

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