Strippers Dundalk – Run for the border

Even without Strippers Dundalk is a sight to behold. The stag crews that take the train from Connolly station will enjoy breathtaking views on the way to Dundalk.  Situated on the border and close to Dublin, it is perfect for a one day tour of Co Louth. A night of merrymaking or  a pit stop for beer and female strippers on the way to Belfast is also a welcome addition. The lads that want to explore Dundalk in depth, will first try the Luck of the Irish in the Dundalk stadium backing greyhounds or horses. Plenty of bars will open their gates to students and stags alike …..and let the party begin.

And there is no party in Dundalk where the boys will not have female strippers as guests of honor. 

The male competitive spirit will rise in this land of heroes and legends.  and the lads will settle their paintballing vendettas over a well poured pint in the Brubaker’s Pub. We can set up the surprise entry of our female strippers in many impossible ways. How about a Policewoman that will ask for ID the crew and then handcuff the Stag. Our female strippers are smooth operators  and have a wicked sense of humour.


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…and ruin the confidence of your best friends…they deserve it.


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