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Cork Strippers for Rebel County Stags

Cork Strippers are the Rebel City’s best behaved ladies, even when they take off their costumes. The city with a river of lust running through it, has seen more stag parties than Vegas has seen Female strippers. We have close ties with the Cork Stag and any-type-of-party scene. Basically anything that requires a lady to come get naked and walk away leaving behind wood and fire. Wood for the lads and fire to help with the heating bill of the venue. Our female strippers have been to many venues and can recommend you the best hot spots in town to experience them perfect Cork Stags.

Stag parties in Cork

Cork is home to a bustling scene of good food and even better music. Some Stags want to wreak havoc and be as loud as the Lion’s Cage in the Dublin Zoo during feeding time. Some others like to blend with the local crowds. Obviously, the latter is quite difficult without the distinct Cork accent. In any case Cork has a place for every stag, from the arty type to the thirsty builder type.It depends entirely on your groups tastes really. Initially a group of lads could start their tour of the Rebel City halfway up Washington street and do a pub crawl down toward the Grand Parade.Then explore Oliver Plunkett street. There you can find curious places like Reardon’s or the teenage hangout, the Brog. A sensible option could be found in the likes of An Bodhran. The Old Oak is definitely a spot not to be missed. Cork Strippers can add spice to your all night party in ways that will challenge your imagination.

Where to bare it all Cork style

The venues as a rule will allow strippers in their private rooms after negotiating with the organiser. Different organisers have different favourites.  A good idea is to ask in advance the venue that will host your Stag Dinner if they have a private room that can be used as a temporary Stage for our Cork Strippers. As a result you will have a happy stag and we will have happy strippers.

Clubs our Strippers recommend

Clubbing is a must in Cork City. Here the tradition of live performances goes on a par with the no bullshit Cork Party style. The Bodega is a good spot if you want to combine fine dining, fine whiskey and some good old tunes. The Crane Lane, part of the same conglomerate of merrymaking, offers some top of the range Irish and International DJs. Havana Brown’s and Secret Garden are also the kind of clubs where you can lose the rest of your mates and end up with a lassie of dubious beauty and a dirty kebab afterwards. The Cork Strippers recommend to take it easy and leave the dancing clubs for the grand finale of your Stag Party in Cork.

Booze Cruises

Since Cork does have a harbour these forms of Stag entertainment are also available. But they do not offer booze as such. Actually Ocean Escapes offer fun rides in high speed boats. So think twice about boarding these adrenaline providers on more than one or two.

As our ladies cruise through the night from Stag to Stag … they are kind fairies possessing a rich arsenal of costumes and  sexy attitudes. Our strippers  also have a sound understanding  of the party scene and can help you with anything from limo hire to takeaway vegan food.

So let our Female Strippers become your fairy godmothers.

Book our female strippers fast …. and don’t be furious with those rounds of shots.

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