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Strippers Carlow: Tractors and thongs go hand in hand

Carlow is a top county for cock fighting…and a stag party at times can become a pen full of cocks. For our Strippers Carlow that was never a problem. The more the merrier they say. Just as long as they tip well. Actually farmer boys are the best tippers and never mess around.

The green lush fields that feed this beef producing county will bring our lads to the doors of many a steakhouse. They will arrive knife and fork in hand… so that they can prepare their body for the line of pints priced for hardworking fellas.

Our female strippers are just a call away and will also arrange a meeting place. Discreet and gorgeous they will take you to a land of sensuality and drop you in a cold bath when they are gone.

The “Fighting Cocks” pub, a quick drive away from Carlow. A good name, and that  is where the stag dos can relax before the female stripper, in the costume of their choice enters the life of another merry company. A moonlight walk on the grounds of  Lisnavagh House will transport you into a bygone time, and you might come across the many wild hens that party in Carlow Town.Our female strippers know how to bow out gracefully and will offer no competition.

Save the best for last and make sure that the Stag is unaware of the Female Stripper extravaganza that awaits him. Conspire with your crew, our female strippers will be eager accomplices.

Book our female strippers for the weekend and execute this Carlow Coup, victory is nigh.

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