From your favourite female stripper ……

A Female Stripper for the birthday of that special someone ? Unusual ?

Well NO! Let me explain to you. You can give endless gifts to your special birthday boy …But do you know where most of them will end up?

In the recycling bin. 🙂

We highly recommend a special memory, that the Angels of Sin will craft with their dance routine. And their fully naked show! 

A Happy Sexy Birthday to you

Because there are a very few things in life that really matter.

Female stripper Birthday Party


–  A good night’s sleep ( after your 21st Birthday Party and your special treat …a female stripper)

–  A happy memory shared with friends ( memories …mammaries , same thing different size)

–  A good birthday cake with an exotic dancer to go with it.

Ok, ok… you also need love, rent money and a gaff to trash on your Birthday Bash.

But nothing beats a stripogram that blows your mind.

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