Big Girls for Stag Parties – Professional  Strippers in Ireland

Most Irish Strippers are fit and can do a plethora of acrobatics. But is that necessary ?

Well, let’s start from the basic of naughty entertainment.

Hot Stuff Entertainment offers a wide range of services of strippers in Ireland

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All the above packages are available nationwide. At the same time our company employees only professional entertainers to make your stag, birthday or hen party memorable. But if nude, rude and damn right sexy is not enough for you, there are plenty of ideas on how to turn the stripograms into hour long stag pranks.  Most of such shows, involve fun loving ladies that have a wicked sense of humour. As you might have guessed most of the jokes are performed at the expense of the stag or the Birthday boy.

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The Beauty and the Beast Show

The Beauty and the Beast- Fat Irish Strippers
The “Beast” tormenting a stag

Let me take you to a world where the beauty is round. In the last couple of years, Irish strippers have come out strong, offering a strong competition to their international colleagues. One special show that is hitting the Top of the Stag Pops  lately is the Big Girls show. These girl have a few extra pounds of beauty. What they lack in well defined muscles they make up for with well formed curves. The aim of  a stag night is to have fun fun fun. Their show is as fun as a roller coaster on a sunny day. Just bigger. Bigger booty, bigger hooters, bigger laughs. They are top professional performers, their routine is theatrical and they will engage with the whole crowd. The boys that like big butts  will have a ball and the stag will get a super special treatment… that even the Bride-to-be will approve of.

The Beauty and the “Beast”: the funny side of Irish Strippers 

How to take a tame stag party and bring it to extreme heights?

We came up with a routine that brings two Irish strippers together for an unforgettable show. Irish ladies are known for their sense of humour, apart from being naturally gorgeous women.So we combined a Big Girl Show with a Traditional Sexy Stripogram. A bit like a Mini Cooper with a Ferrari engine.

First a sexy, enticing young lady enters the stage teasing and tantalising the stag. When he is as excited as a kid in  a candy store she blind folds him. Then our sexy mountain of flesh takes over. She smack him in the head with a dildo just to wake him up. He knows something has changed and his shock and horror becomes real when one of  our big and beautiful Irish vixens will sit on his lap. Then she will overpower the poor stag and start treating him like a naughty schoolboy. The “Beast” has arrived. She will then turn her attention to rest of the lads and put them in their place. She will use her melons to smack the Stag. The party goes wild.

The return of the beauty

Once the Beast has scared the life out of the stag the event take a turn for the better. Then he is blindfolded again. It is the turn of the Beauty to enter the stage. A back-flip with her jaw dropping lap dancing skills. He can enjoy a full strip and relax. Even though I can guarantee you he will be looking anxiously around the room fearing the return of our Sexy beast and her dildo bashing skills.

Our female strippers know how to get this crew of stags to the point that they are rolling on the floor laughing. Apart from the lads that are into BBW. They will be asking the “Beast” for her number. May be invite her out on a date to KFC .

The Beauty and the “Beast” are professional female Strippers that know how to swiftly move from sexy to scary and from erotic to comedy. Great photos will come out this and they might even make it in the wedding album.

For this show, run and delivered by professional performers who are professional performers with great acting skills, book well in advance. The show is in high demand.

Our Beauty and the “Beast” show is delivered all over Ireland from Irish strippers with Irish accents and assets.

So if you feel like tormenting your stag, then get a show from the special strippers Ireland has kept secret.