Over the years, we’ve got questions from people just like you asking about their strippers Show events. Below, you’ll find the most popular ones. If you have a question that’s not answered here, Contact Us. We’ll quickly send you a response.

What is a stripogram?

A Stripogram is a show that you can book for any special occasion such as birthday parties, hen or stag nights, anniversaries, divorce party etc. A Stripogram or a strippergram is a short strip show. A common practice is for the surprise stripper to be dressed in a naughty outfit of one kind or another and to act out some form of charade connected with this, before commencing their act eg. a police officer arresting somebody, a lawyer pretending to serve papers, a fire man ready to stop a fire and so on (sometime this charade will be relevant to something the intended ‘victim’ has experienced such a divorce or brush with the law). A Strip-o-gram is revolved around one guest only, the intended guest of honour. Short, sexy and classy but just enough to be entertaining.

-Does a stripogram perform a full monty show?

Yes our exotic dancers will strip fully nude at the end of the show, unless otherwise requested.

-I have never done this before, how do I book one of your gorgeous male strippers for a 21st in Cork?

Just give us a call on 087 978 3789 in Ireland or +353 87 978 3789 international and one of our friendly staff will help you with the best choice to suit your requirements. We will spend the time with you to make sure your party event is one that will be remembered for a long time.

-When do we pay for our booking?

It all depends on what type of act are you booking. Fell free to call Hot Stuff Entertainment for more info.

-Can we take photos of the stripper?

No photos or videos are allowed at any time. Approval must be given by both agent and dancer and must be specified at the time you do the booking.

-Can I book my kissogram for a particular time?

Yes, providing advanced booking.

-If my favourite female stripper is not available on a last minute call can i book a different one?

If your first choice is not available we will let you know who else is available. There is no guarantee of any last minute entertainers or entertainment, but we will do our best to accommodate you and match you with the perfect choice.

-Are the Guys photos on your website real?

Yes, all the guys on our site are actually available and working for Hot Stuff Entertainment. We have the enviable position of being the largest and most trusted agency in Ireland and as such we are very selective of whom we represent. We get dozens of guys portfolios across our desk but unfortunately not everyone makes the cut. The Strippers, Models and Dancers that we represent are not only gorgeous, with fantastic bodies, but they must also have an outgoing and friendly personality. If they are beautiful but have a wrong attitude we simply don’t represent them.

-Can we make last minute bookings?

Hot Stuff Entertainment always books last minute shows. There is no guarantee that the dancer you choose as your number one pick will be available for a last minute booking.

Can I touch the Stripogram?

No contact is allowed between the dancer and any member of the party unless it’s in the form of tipping and has been specified in advance and approved by both agent and dancer. If this is overstepped the performance will be stopped immediately.

-I have been to other parties where the Strippers does not even show up.

Yes we know the stories too. The reason our former customers are always calling us back for more is because we never let them down. That said our industry is one of appearance and our dancers and models spend countless hours in the gym and rehearsing routines. Unfortunately injury and sickness can happen. We will always let you know if someone is unable to fill an assignment and arrange another of our sexy dancers to replace them.

-How much room will she need for a strip act?

All of The Angels of Sin female strippers are professionally trained and have numerous choreographed routines at their disposal. That said to get the most out of your good looking stripper experience we recommend the size of the average lounge room to be about the minimum area required. In relation to outdoor shows, a stable platform, paved or concreted area is required as our sexy strippers wear stiletto heels and if the area is grass or uneven it is very easy to get stuck which is definitely not a good look.

-How much notice do we need to give for booking a male stripper?

It is recommended to book and confirm your event 3 to 4 weeks in advance. That will give you the best chance to secure the show and the dancer of your choice. If they are not available we will tell you straight away and give you the option of one of our other male stripper. Our name and position in the market place is too important to us to tell you that a particular entertainer is available when is indeed not.

-I booked a female stripper for my brother’s birthday party, our cousin is only 16 years old can he assist to the show?

It is the Law that everyone who attends any event involving adult Exotic Dancers or surprise strippers must be 18 years of age or older. The person who books the show must enforce this policy. If the individual or individuals cannot present proper valid I.D. they will be asked to leave otherwise the dancer will not perform and leave.

-We have dinner in a restaurant in Temple Bar and would like the stripper to arrive afterwards at the restaurant, can you do that?

Sure, as long as you have restaurant’s management approval. It is your duty to make sure to enquire if this type of entertainment is allowed by the venue.

Will the stripper be drinking at my party?

Our company Hot Stuff Entertainment does not allow any of our entertainers to consume alcohol before or during any event. We are strict on this Policy and you have nothing to worry about. We are professionals and act accordingly.