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Hen or Stag – The Midget Hire Guide in Ireland

Midget Hire vs Dwarf Performance

Obviously calling someone a midget has a negative feel to it. But at the same time most Dwarf performers are well accustomed to such praise. At the end of the day, most performers end up with some kind of a label. Is it normal? Well the human race is one of the least compassionate breeds on this planet. Most people that attend a Hen Party or a Stag Party are going to be showing some type of unsavory behavior. As a result most performers in the industry expect some kind of compliments thrown at them. Strippers will end up being called hookers, male strippers will be called rent boys and dwarfs midgets.  All in the name of a good night. Also in the name of the future life partners, the hen or the stag. And so be it. In any case, professional performers have the patience ( and the balls) of a wise elephant. Sadly, the security team that accompanies such performers, including our dwarfs, don’t. Once the audience steps over the line, the party is over.

Little People Entertaining Hens and Stags

The preferred term for most midgets for hire in Ireland or the world, is little people. Dwarfism is legally a disability, but most little people don\’t see it that way. And if you were to attend a Hen Party in Dublin you would agree. The midget pub crawl is one of  top  hen party activities. The activity turns into a party mainly because of the charisma that the dwarfs have as performers. Once chained to a guest of honor, they will do their best to entertain and make everybody laugh. The midgets in Ireland lead normal lives. You will not find here the type of prejudice and mistreatment you get in other parts of the world. While many follow other professions, the entertainment industry is also a favorite among little people. Some make a career in theater and cinema. The late Verne Troyer from the Austin Powers sequel and  Tyrion Lanister from GOT are some prime examples of Little People making it big.

Midget Elvis anyone?

Entertaining crowds is a a second nature to our midgets. The crowds just love them. Amazing at cracking jokes and able to make big fellas feel very small in seconds, they become the spirit of a superb hen or stag party from the moment they arrive. Spending the night handcuffed to a little person might sound provocative, or even boring. But our little guys in Ireland are as friendly and chatty as any normal Irish person. In between doing shots with the bride to be they will also tell their personal story. You will be amazed at what a colorful life these guys have. As performers they travel Ireland and the world. And from their view point, the world is a bit different. While entertaining guests and passers-by they learn about other lands and cultures. Then they will make fun of everything, and the guests love the storyteller dwarfs. Another favorite among the hens is the midget surprise party. The little guy appears out of the blue in the Hen Party venue and wreaks havoc. In no time he will be dancing on the bar and teasing the ladies. Expect the unexpected with many of the midgets showing up in imaginative outfits. You can have a little Elvis or Policeman dancing, joking and making sure the hen party feels like a holiday in Benidorm. You can also get your own Papa Smurf to come as a surprise date for your shocked Hen.  As an entertainment company the  Hot Stuff Team knows how to put a plan in action. All you need to do is get on to us.

What to expect on Hen or Stag with a Dwarf

First of all make sure to hire a Dwarf from a reputable Entertainment Agency. You want your dwarf to speak English and be able to perform. Once you have your little guy booked, make sure that your party behaves themselves. One thing that little people hate is manhandling or tossing. Any such attempts will end the party. Also do not ask the midgets to strip, unless it is part of their performance. In Ireland, the most popular form of Dwarf entertainment is Pub Crawling. You can also include our little guys in some elaborate pranks or wind ups that you plan for your Bride or Groom to be.

Hen Party or Stag Party with a Dwarf Pub Crawl in Dublin

Your party will experience the madness of the Dublin Nightlife in the best possible way. While the midget drags your Hen or Stag from pub to pub, the rest of the group will be able to document the adventure at every step. Actually as our little guys are very popular with bar staff, you will be treated like royalty. The areas of action can be in the City Center or the outskirts. Especially from the Hen and Stag parties coming from the UK, Temple Bar offers an opportunity to learn about the Irish drinking scene….well, while drinking with a leprechaun. He will tell you all you need to know and the best places to go to. If you feel like taking a tour of the Dublin suburbs, our midget can introduce you to the likes of Howth or Dundrum. The area around Portobello and Camden St is also full of bars that express the real Irish spirit. Normally an off limits zone for Stags, our little guys will make sure that you are welcome everywhere.

Midget hire in Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a top Hen and Stag party location with many guests arriving every weekend to party. If they enjoy the castle and the amazing scenery we are not sure. But the our little guy is seriously hangover every time that he comes back from Kilkenny. We suspect that his audience feels the same.

Midget hire in Carrick on Shannon

It\’s still a popular destination and the party can go on till the wee hours of the morning. Dunnes, Murtagh\’s or Percy Whelan\’s? It really depends on the mood. In any case the bars in Carrick on Shannon are closer than you might think. A pub crawl with a funny little guy might turn into a session any where. Live music, Hens, Stags, and general mayhem is guaranteed.#

Midget for Hire Carlingford

Carlingford is meant for classy hen parties or active weekenders. You will enjoy the private ambiance of country cottages and old mansions. So why not spice up your private party with a fun sized guy in a butler uniform. Nothing like bending down to pick up your glass of bubbly while our midget makes all kind of jokes at the expense of the bride.

Did you know?

In ancient Egypt, one of the most loved Gods was Bes. Bes was a dwarf, and a favorite among dancers. It was a custom for the strippers of the time to have Bes tattooed on their thigh. Not only was he a God of Fertility but came to be a symbol of all things good! How’s that for a midget?

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