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Christmas Ladies Night Out

Christmas Ladies Night: ‘Tis the season to be naughty

Actually Male Strippers enjoy the fate of most performers during the holiday season. They work their sculpted asses off. The most popular parties during this period fall under the category of the Christmas Ladies Night out.

As a rule, most of the lasses are house bound for Christmas. By the time they have fed everybody and smiled so much that their faces ache, they need a break. Otherwise they are prone to sticking the Christmas tree up some unfortunate back door. Thus, a plan for an escape needs to be put in place well in advance. For the ladies that enjoy the title of Mother and Wife, this plan is best executed between Christmas and New Years\’ Eve. As for the younger lasses, the dream plan can come into effect much earlier.

As a rule, Christmas eve is for the family get-togethers. But what happens if your family is far away? Or when they are just boring gits?

Should I stay or should I go?

I mean would you really want to repeat the last 20 or so Christmas eves? Stuck with your aunties and grannies talking about the weather and the past? Oh there is also the partner’s family. You know that time of the year that you pretend to be nice to everybody. Including to all of those that have behaved like a***holes from January to December. Since getting plastered on eggnog and insulting everybody has never earned you the best reviews on the family books, you might consider an exit plan. A good plan involves to spend some time with the relatives and then come up with the ultimate excuse to go out and party. It might sound like a difficult task. But then think of the freedom you will taste in a busy venue, partying with all your girlies, and giggling at the Male Strippers. Yes , naughty Santa time is here!

So, either in the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, or just before the Santy Mobile has parked around your chimney, the Ladies of Ireland will find their stiletoes taking determined steps towards a Ladies Night Out or Ladies Night In.

Christmas Ladies Nights out

Naturally there is no major difference between a traditional Ladies Nights Out and the Christmas version of it. Apart from the fact that the festive atmosphere requires a few adjustments. Yes, Christmas colors and sparkly dresses are a must. And no Ladies Night Out would be complete without a Naughty Santa in the form of a Male Stripper in that famous red outfit. If you are heading for ladies Night Out it is good to take into account the distances involved. So the best bet would be a venue in the neighborhood. Make the best of function spaces in bars and clubs in the vicinity of your neighborhood and link up with other like minded ladies desperate for a good Christmas Ladies Night out.

It makes a whole lot of difference if you have a Christmas Ladies Night theme. Anything from a George Micheal tribute act to the Fairytale of New york could get the party going.  Actually you can add onto the event a good cause that the ladies would support. Then involving a charity on the night would make everything much better. It will also give a seal of approval from the whole family to your Christmas eve escape. Make sure to include a raffle and a couple of male strippers to keep things on the naughty side.

Christmas Ladies Night In

This option is suitable if the company of lasses involved in the getaway from the Christmas tree party live close by. It is a case of choosing a house that would welcome the mother of all house parties. As the BYOB option means that pint glasses of liquor and straws will be taking centre stage, it is good idea to organise a Buff Butler and start the party in style. Welcome from your favorite Grinch or Sexy Santa will bring laughter and joy. Then the sound system will hit those dance anthems that will make the Ladies say hello to Santa Claus in ways that will make all the reindeers have a red nose.

Top Costumes to keep in mind

Male strippers have a good few costumes that fit the Christmas season. Not that they will stay on for long. After a few merry carols they will be left with the bare necessities for your eyes only.

The Sexy Santa

Unbeatable and fashionable throughout the season. Red hat and muscles. And an obligatory sack which can hide all the Ann Summers goodies you don\’t want your granny to find under the Christmas Tree.

The Bad Santa

This bad boy will show up with a bottle of JD and messy outfit. Just like the movie, he is exactly what the doctor prescribed for those that had enough of the whole “love and understanding” spiel. Not for the fain hearted.

The Naughty Grinch

The male strippers will come with green glitter all over their toned bodies. You might want to add some more during the performance. This Grinch will not steal Christmas but might steal your heart. Definite tune Last Christmas from the late and great George Micheal

Frosty the Snowman

Fluffy outfit that can be torn apart with or without the Male Strippers consent. Trunks with a carrot nose optional. Or bring your own carrots. Guaranteed a solid 10 min laugh

Buff Butler Elves

Santa\’s big helpers. With muscles to lift you up in the air and help you with a bag of coal for the fireplace. Can meet and greet, serve, entertain and much more. They come best in even numbers.

Whatever the occasion, theme or venue, Hot Stuff Entertainment will always have the perfect performance for you.

Call now for your naughty Crimbo package.


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