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When it comes to birthday party presents, the Birthday Party Male Strippers special delivery appears hand in hand with adulthood. We have the case of the massive 18th Birthday Party that the whole neighbourhood will gossip about. Also the wild 21st Birthday Party that will include a revenge Full Monty from your best friend. Ireland is experiencing a total refurbishment of moral standards. The Irish Ladies are not content anymore with shiny stones and gift vouchers for beauty and nail salons. The Kissograms came first and the presence of a Hunk to adorn the Birthday Party slowly become a trend. At the same time there is an element of rebellion to the whole male stripper thing. Since the guys do it, why can\’t the girls hire a stripper? Nowadays, the Full Monty Show for a 21st Birthday Party has become a must have experience.

Naturally, as the demand for such performances kept rising, so did the quality of the shows. As a consequence, ladies do not need to make endless phone calls in order to find a male stripper in Ireland. Professional companies offer high quality shows and Full Monty Strippograms to satisfy the Birthday girls, their wicked friends and make even the granny cracka smile.

18th Birthday Party Male Strippers

The first 17 birthdays that a girl will celebrate will bring her cake, candles and dolls. Or maybe bicycles, holidays to Disneyland and make up sessions. After all the family love that your special ladies will receive for a good 17 years, come the Birthday celebrations of adulthood. The 18th Birthday Parties are a tricky affair. First you need to find a suitable venue. This depends on the size of the party. But with half of the school friends usually present, you need a bar.  Alternative options are GAA clubs, or any clubs with an Alcohol License. As the crowd will be in their legal age for the occasional “wine tasting” you need to also have the support of the parents.

Then you need a volunteer that will book the male stripper. Here there are a few options. You can ask for a helping hand from the female relatives of the Birthday Girl. Many young ladies are a bit shy when it comes to gathering the courage and call the stripper agencies. Or you can do it all together. There is no better way to spend a pre-party night in. Get a few cans and start browsing the pictures of the dancers online. Choose carefully. Birthday Party Male Strippers need to fit the personality of the young lady and bear in mind the rest of the crowd. If your best friends extended family will be present then a kissogram might be better. On the other hand many best friends will order a Full Monty for a shy Birthday Girl. A bit like a Full Monty shock therapy. The professional Male Strippers in Ireland though know how to handle delicate situation. So the Birthday Girl will always be in control.

21st Birthday Party Male Strippers

When you turn 21 you are officially in the adult world. Not only you can drink but you are also welcome in most clubs. Yes you still need to carry id and expect stripper agencies to ask you if you are over 18 when you book a stripogram in Ireland. The 21st Birthday Party Male Strippers are ideal for making the crowd go wild. You can slot them within the first hour of the party. It is when most of the crowd is present and still able to walk and talk. You can choose all kinds of outfits, but the perfect outfit for this occasion remains the policeman. But wait. You could also get a couple of firemen to surprise the young lady when she blows her 21 candles. And she can get 21 kisses on the cheek with the last kisses being that of the male stripper.

30th Birthday Party Male Stripper

This male strip show is perfect for the beginning of mature age. Having accumulated knowledge and experience throughout the 20s the lady of honour deserves a special treat. It is not as as easy to surprise a 30 year old though. Planning should include a secret whatsapp group to come up with the perfect location and stripper performance. Restaurants and bars with private areas and open minded management are ideal. As most 30 year old ladies will probably living independently at this stage, a house party with a male stripper surprise is a good option. You could organise a pizza delivery performance. You can always ask the specialists of Hot Stuff Entertainment. Indeed some of the act will put any Hollywood director to shame. A limo tour of Dublin with a stylish party bus could add to that stylish Birthday bash you had in mind. A Full Monty Show is a must for a 30th Birthday Party. Unless we are dealing with a very shy 30 year old. In this case you cans still apply the gentle kissogram treatment.

40th Birthday Party Strippers & 50th Celebrations

Here it really depends if your Birthday Girl is a bored housewife or a predatory MILF. In the case of the latter be kind and warn the male strippers in advance. Male Strippers in Ireland perform for all types of audiences, but it\’s nice to be nice as the saying goes. At times a modern husband or partner will be behind the stripper parcel. It is something that will make everybody have a laugh and keep the naughty mode on before the middle life crisis starts knocking on the door. Actually, colleagues and grown up children can be on the list of the naughty organisers. Sending a stripper to your mum is not something out of a comedy show. It is part of the Irish reality as much as Guinness and orange tan. A young male stripper performing on a 40th birthday or 50th can change the atmosphere of the party rapidly. It will also provide gossip for at least the next 6 months. Then you need to do it again. Cause at this tender age you might start forgetting things

60th Birthday Party and Beyond

A stripper for your Granny! Why not? If your Granny is not only into her bridge club and digs a bit of mayhem it could be the ideal birthday present. Is also the case of simply running out of Birthday Present Ideas. If you got her all the kitchenware that she will never used. And if you already sent her to Lourdes…twice. Why don\’t you try something a bit different for once. Get her as far away from Lourdes as possible. Get her to remember the dance moves of her youth. This is the time to hire a male stripper. Anywhere in Ireland you will find that special Elvis or Danny Zuko. Ladies that have arrived at their golden age with their sense of humour intact will appreaciate the fun lovin strippers of Ireland.

Nowadays, hiring a male strippers in Ireland is super easy thanks to and the amazing team behind it. Be careful and order the correct strippers and the correct Birthday card. We also take care of 80th 90th and 100th Birthday Parties. Actually, if it is for a 100th Birthday Party , the stripper is free.


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