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Ann Summers Parties … with a touch of Full Monty on the side

Ann Summers Parties in Ireland

Male Strippers vs the Rampant Rabbit

Remember those vibrating objects you hide at the back of the drawer?  Well our Male Strippers have been to way too many parties where such technological wonders are displayed. Ann Summers Parties offer one of the best ways to celebrate a hen party or a birthday party.  What you get is a group of women that celebrate sexuality. Naturally a truck load of Pinot Grigio, beer or bubbly . Also the pink variety goes down well with a Rampant Rabbit vibrating in full force. The trick is to hold the sex toy in one hand and your glass in the other. As a result you can stir your cocktails without a mixing spoon. So,  women empowerment, fun and games and a happy birthday girl or bride to be.

Why Full Monty for Ann Summers Parties?

Male Strippers in Ireland and the UK have always been a welcome add on to such events. After spending a good a bit of time with a heap of plastic extensions, the real deal just puts things in perspective. Obviously you cannot do during  Full Monty what you do the The Rabbit. The tools of pleasure come in all shapes and forms but so do the Male Strippers. The show part is usually towards the end of the Ann Summers Party. When the ladies have had enough of browsing through crotchless panties, sexy outfits and toys for couples….in comes the surprise. Male Strippers in Ireland are available for hire for Ann Summers shows anywhere in the Emerald Isle. It depends of course on the time schedule and the occasion. Most of the times a Male Strip Show would fit in such a party. For smaller parties a stripogram for one of the winners of the competitions held on the night hits the spot. Excuse the pun 😉

Ann Summers Reps: Purveyors of orgasms

Ann Summers do not make any pretensions about the purpose of their endeavours. The products and their promotions are geared towards…”More power, more pleasure, Moregasm+” as one of their latest campaigns boldly states.  Male Strippers and Ann Summers Parties share the same audience, but do not provide the same services. The Ann Summers reps are part salespeople, part entertainers. When you go to an Ann Summers Party you will see that the sales part is present but that\’s not the main reason why ladies flock to such events. A good rep can make or break the party. The rep or organiser has to a natural born MC to get a get a good Ladies Night going. And to get the ladies cheering a professional Magic Mike show works wonders. They will organise games of the naughty but nice variety and make sure that all the ladies participate. Based on the experience of our performers, some reps are better than others. If the reps focus too much on the sales, your best option is to get up and go. Most of the negative reviews of such events, are about reps not engaging well with the crowd.  You will enjoy thoroughly though any performances that our strippers will put up!

How to get your own DIY Ann Summers party 

If the big Ann Summers events are not your cup of tea, then you could get a rep to show you the tricks of their trade at the comfort of your own venue. You can contact them directly and explain the type of the event you are holding. Then you can enjoy the display but also set your party rules. The reps can do party games and keep the party atmosphere going. At the same time if you have arranged a stripogram or a strip show it is better to slot it in between. In this case you will need a gifted organiser to help you. One of the ladies will have to liaise with both the stripping crowd and the dildo crowd. Then you can arrange your own programme. Stripograms, party games, sexy tools workshop. This way you will have more freedom with regard to time. At the end of the day you will want to have a good time and socialise. There is so much you can do surrounded by a lot of dildos so it\’s good to have that option.

Male Strippers & Full Monty Shows

Just how wild can your party get? With Male Strippers onboard your Ann Summers bash is about to reach the stage of explosion. You can hire a trio of male strippers to put together a choreographed show that will make the ladies put their dancing shoes on. On the other hand you can organise a raffle or competition that will conclude with Full Monty stripograms for the winners. If you are organising a Birthday Party and you intend to give her an Ann Summers goodie bag as her present, you can arrange for the male strippers to deliver it. The same trick could wow the ladies and make the Bride to Be hate you for the rest of your life. But you need to be brave as laughter is known for its therapeutic properties. Worst case scenario you won\’t get invited to the wedding.

Hiring Male Strippers for Ann Summers Parties

Nowadays, many corporate events are taking the less travelled road of  the sassy lassies convention. Male strippers are not just an occasion for exchanging cheeky smiles and behaving like a teenager. Ladies only corporate events, offer a good night out and a lot of team bonding activities. Since chasing the managers of your company with a dildo in your hands is not exactly mainstream, such activities are not part of the Christmas party ideas as yet. But quite a few companies are starting to explore these options. An Ann Summers Party is a brilliant idea for all the ladies that work in the retail or hospitality industry. Either as a ladies night out or a team building activity it offers innovative ways of testing the sense of humour and it helps in bringing down the barriers in the name of good adult fun.

Ann Summers parties are not for everybody but they are definitely worth trying once in a lifetime. Make sure you don\’t go there sober or out of your tree.  This could turn into a great night out or night in. And you might even walk away with a few ideas of how to spice up your love life.


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